Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deep, calming breath

Alright the wig out is over and today is another day.

I applied for 3 jobs last night, talked to a friend today who found 2 more that he thinks would suit me. One step in front of another. I was listening to a Dr. Wayne Dyer CD before bed called Meditations for Manifesting. I fell asleep at one point because I woke up when the CD restarted.

I got the Cupcake Courier yesterday and now I'm itching to make cupcakes. I saw this thing on BT Breakfast one day and they told the story of how this Calgarian woman saw this on Rachel Ray.

Called the company but they don't ship to Canada. So she asked if she could be the Canadian distributor and tada she is. I was immediately intrigued as I have tried to bring cupcakes places and they usually wind up bashed and messy. This thing carries 36, or you just take 24 or 12.

If you're Canadian and want one contact Maggie or visit her company at the Farmer's Market in Calgary.

I needed to drop into Safeway yesterday to pick up bananas, I did feel a little awkward carting this thing around. Now if I'm still at my current job for the Christmas pot luck (if there is a pot luck) I'm so bringing cupcakes.

The cake turned out fantastic and everyone has gone to look at in the fridge. It wound up being a chocolate cake filled with custard/whip cream and thinly sliced bananas. Topped with a chocolate glaze. These people will miss me.

Supper wound up being leftover custard as I finished the cake that searched for jobs.

Tonight is class and I will definitely be hitting the gym on Friday for "last chance workout".

I got a foot long veggie sub for lunch. Half for lunch and half for supper so hopefully that will solve my dinner conundrum on school nights.

I shall keep you updated on my job hunting and cupcake adventures :)


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Bi0nicw0man said...

I wish I could bake like you do! I probably would if I had somewhere to take the stuff...working at home, I'd eat it all!

Glad you are feeling better today!