Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where does the weekend go?...and up 0.4

I was curious as to what would show up on the read out of the scale at WW Saturday morning. I could feel I was retaining water but I had a kick ass workout in the gym on Friday. (Seriously I hit the zone it was bizarre). So I should be happy with 0.4 as typically I can be up as much as 2lbs during TOM. I'm thinking this probably means I lost so now I just need to not be an idiot this coming week so I can see it on the scale next Saturday.

I loved the saying of the meeting: If hunger is not the problem then food is not the solution.

True that, my snacking ususally happens because I'm bored. The good thing about having something to do every weekday after work is that it leaves little time to be bored. The weekend is a whole different story.

Mind you between weigh in, grocery shopping and a dentist appointment I did a serious amount of running around yesterday. In fact walked to the mall and back twice so that's probably about 1hr of walking.

Today I'm not leaving the house, I'm studying for the CPC exam and doing chores. So I read throught the materials and then do a chore, then read through the materials and do a chore...repeat.

Things I need to focus on next week:
Water - as in drink it minimum 2l/day not including what I drink during workouts
Track - every bite, lick and taste
Workout - 3 gym, 2 yoga - Friday's workout will have to be moved to Saturday as I need to come straight home from work to hand out candy.

No school this Thursday because my instructor is in Houston but I should use this evening to catch up on all the reading...rather understand the reading so read it again.

I'm making a veggie lasagna for work lunch, no noodles instead sliced zucchini and eggplant. I've never tried this before and I'm totally doing it off the top of my head so wish me luck.



The Glitterati said...

The lasagne sounds yummy, let us know how it goes! And good luck with all the studying... ugh. :)

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

good luck with the studying and this week's week's weigh in will be exciting!!!