Saturday, October 11, 2008

I feel my muscles and down 1.2

Down 1.2 this morning and had a killer workout yesterday.

I learned my lower body routine yesterday and boy am I feeling it now. 6 different excercises for this and I can feel all my thigh muscles. It felt fine this morning, but when I got up out of my chair at WW that's when I totally felt it.

I didn't go ot the gym today, instead walked to the grocery store and back. Yoga planned for a bit later today. I didn't think it was to go to hard core today as I went hard core yesterday.

Bought a brand new 3 month tracker so I could start clean.

I was quite pleased with the weigh in as I did also have a piece of Tiramisu as my afternoon snack on Friday. There is no just over half a pan in the freezer of my workplace. There were only 4 of us in the office Friday afternoon so there's some for everyone who wasn't there.

We have another birthday this coming week too. They've requested chocolate cake with some type of filling but no cherry. She mentioned custard so I have to give that a think.

In WW we went over the points for turkey dinner and it so inspired me to do my own turkey dinner. I'll make turkey meatloaf, stove top stuffing, steamed cauliflower and club house gravy. This will also wind up being lunch next week most likely. I'll probaby make it tomorrow as opposed to Monday.

I rented Iron Man for 1.49 from a vending machine in Safeway. I have to return it tomorrow but for 1.49 why not.

There's a new update for my itouch and I'm scared to try it. The last time I upgraded it was such a pain. I know I'm going to do it anyway so I can get cooler applications.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


skinnyhollie said...

Congrats on your loss this week!

Fatinah said...

great loss!