Friday, October 24, 2008

Why can't it be me

Another person quit today and I so wish it was me. That's 2 this week.
Weird day at work, we got the results of our internal employee satisfaction survey and apparently my office scored everything the lowest scores in the country. So our leader asked us to pick the 3 questions with the most important to us as an individual and make suggestions as to how we may fix them. They will compile everyone's answers and address them in order of most popular choice down.

I really wanted to write I have no suggestions as I strongly feel like you want to replace us all and start fresh. Good luck with that.

Of course I didn't and I offered very pg "let's all work together" suggestions.

This weekend I will meticulously comb through job boards, who knows I may still here from the company I talked to on Tuesday.

Class ran late last night, this time I brought a bun for supper. I figured I could easily kind of tear of pieces and eat quietly. I wasn't hungry when I got home.

So for the last few nights my furnace kept waking me up. I just pray it will last this winter. This morning when I was getting ready it turned on and it was quiet. Bizarre, the belt was recently changed and it was oiled so perhaps it is now accustomed to all these things and co-operating.

The last time I had it serviced they said they don't build them as good now. So it's the little engine that could.

I have been ridiculously bad at tracking this week but ridiculously good with workouts. Now I just need to do both.

Have a groovy weekend!

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