Monday, October 27, 2008

A free pass....

So I came back from writing the industry exam (60 questions in 27 minutes and I went over it twice). I hope I passed, on this one the passing mark is also 75%. Whatever happend to the good old 50%?

I had weird eating today. Had breakfast at 6am, my tummy was grumbling at 9:30 so I had some almonds. Left for the test at 12:30 and wasn't hungry. Finished test stopped off a Tim's for a coffee and left with that and Tim bits (mini donuts). Thinking in my head - well I'm going to the gym tonight....hang on a second what the heck was that. It was an excuse to eat the donuts...oy vey I thought I had learned my lesson. Going to the gym is not a free pass to eat crap. So now the lunch I brought is supper.

Oh and another person quit today..that's 3 in two weeks. This one was coming for awhile, she wasn't happy and had talked about leaving for some time. So I'm happy for her that she can move on. So now that leaves me as the only FT recruiter.

I was catching up on some dvr'd shows yesterday. I kind of like My Own Worst Enemy, but do find it weird how I find Edward totally sexy and Henry not so much yet they are both played by Christian Slater.

I watched the Mad Men season finale as it aired. OMG now I can't wait till season 3. I haven't watched season one so I guess that can distract me for now.

I was debating on making cupcakes for my coworkers this week and then thought...why?


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