Sunday, October 19, 2008

Down 0.2 and I'm ok with that

At least it's down and thanks to stress levels of the past week I didn't track and I didn't drink a whole lot of water so the fact that I'm down at all is a wee bit of a miracle.

This morning I got up took my measurements again and did my funky scale measurements of body fat, bmi and body water. I'm going to record my activity in a journal, recording not just what I did but also how I felt about doing it.

I'm definitely hitting the gym tomorrow that's for sure. Birthday cakes are done for the year and I really need to me getting to goal a major priority and not an after thought.

This morning I was watching this documentary on CBC called Generation XXL. It followed 4 kids from Nova Scotia to fat camp. What I found really profound was all the negative statements these kids were harboring inside them. I.E not good enough, will fail. How many of us still do that? When you're alone with your thoughts and frustrated with progress, do you go to negative places in your head?

They had all these kids write down every hurtful thing anyone has ever said to them and then they ripped up the piece of paper and burned it. Then they had to write positive things about themselves down. Many found this really hard to do especially after thinking of all the negative.

It's not so simple to switch from thinking you're failure to thinking your brave and a survivor. It can be done step by step.

My challenge to all of you is to write something positive about yourself every day this week. I'm talking something positive about your soul not just "I like my eye colour" - that's my go to positive statement about myself most of the time. Instead today I write instead..I am strong, I don't crumble I fight.

Positive hugs to all!

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Lisa aka water_nymph said...

hey cowgirl, i will take you up on this challenge:)

shall we meet up again next monday and compare notes?