Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another bite

On the resume front that is, got a phone screen phone call from an engineering/construction company. I have seen this position posted 3 times in the last 6 months and I've applied for it each time. I hope I get an interview just to find out why they're having so much trouble.

A former co-worker called me to say they saw a position that they thought I'd be interested in so I applied for that one as well. The application process was interesting on this one as they went straight into a psychometric evaluation. Must be expecting a ton of responses to weed people out like that.

I was so mad yesterday, I lost my bus pass and to make it truly bitter I had the new November one tucked behind October in the holder. Top it off the holder that I adored cost me $15, All of it gone, so essentially I'm out $90. I called transit lost and found in the hopes that it fell out of my pocket on the bus (and someone turned it in). I'm thinking of popping over to the mall and getting a new one today as they tend to sell out. If the other one resurfaces I can return it. So on the way home yesterday I picked up bus tickets so I could get to work and back for the next week. Add to it I was working late and it took 40min for a bus to come. I didn't make it to the gym. Note to self keep bus pass in bag not pocket.

Truly looking forward to the calming of yoga this evening.


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The Glitterati said...

Arrgh! That sounds so frustrating, my sympathies. I hate losing stuff like that, it's like just losing the equivalent cash would be less bad for some reason.

But hurray re: bites! Hope they pan out into interviews, which you would of course rock. ;)