Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Topsy Turvy

My professional life has been turned upside down with me wondering if my days are numbered, for reasons I won't got into here. I sit here a bit paranoid wondering what's in store for me. It's a reminder that I was looking for a new job and I better get going on that.

The chief boss is in town and I'm guessing strategies are in play but it's a little freaky when you see your name on something you shouldn't have. Everyone's name on something you shouldn't have. I don't know the circumstances behind this or who wrote or when but I'm freaked.

Thankfully I haven't turned to food. I didn't blog yesterday because I was getting my head around all this and in one heartbeat getting worried and in another heartbeat thinking screw you.

I am skipping the gym tonight to finish a birthday cake for the workplace and diligently check all the job boards tonight. My head is in a weird zone at the moment.

I've been watching the mgmt team today for any indication that things have changed but everyone is acting as they did and being very nice and making references to the future and I'm think I'm in a parallel universe.

I know I'll survive whatever happens but knowledge is power and it's better to be proactive.



The Glitterati said...

Oh yikes... how ambiguous. Still, who knows what it's even about yet, but good for you for being proactive. I know you'll come out on top!

Diane Mandy said...

Hang in there! I'm rooting all goes well!