Wednesday, October 29, 2008


OMG I'm so tired today and it's a little bizarre. I went to bed at 10pm which really isn't all that late, maybe it had to do with yoga. I think I slept pretty deeply last night and when I woke up this morning it felt so so so wrong. I even stopped off at Tim's on the way to work and got an extra large coffee (very rare pour moi).

It's staff meeting day which is always draining and we're going over the anonymous suggestions they requested. Their feeding us pizza which is probably the only way you'll get everyone to sit through that.

I so despise the Blue team on BL. Was I imagining things or did Bob call Vicky"Shakespearian". I know he was saying she was the biggest player in the house. If he did call her that I thought it was quite good. I'm not sure it was wise to vote Phil off. The blue team has more weight to lose than black but it looks like they might be bringing back a person or persons. Plus they're going into single player mode...interesting. What we need is Vicky or Brady to go home and then we'll see what happens. It's pretty much guaranteed Brady won't have a stellar weight loss next time due to the 13 pounds this week. It will be neat to see the evicted players again to see how far they've come since they went home.

Thanks to the U.S elections we'll have to wait. Can I say I'm so happy that thing is over soon and I'm Canadian. My goodness I'm thankful for our "what I perceive to be" simpler format and less drama.

Counting the hours till I can crash...hugs!

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