Friday, October 17, 2008

When a door closes, a window opens

One of the jobs I applied for the other day has contacted me for a phone interview on Tuesday, wow that was fast. This is for an international engineering company and it was posted on the job board 3 weeks ago. I thought it might not be available. So the process begins again...wish me luck.

I was at class last night talking to lady who sits in the same row as I do. She was telling me about her new job. She just got a job in benefits administration. Now I knew she hadn't been working for the past 10yrs or so and before that would direct the calls for people calling about benefit information. A light bulb kind of went off in my head. Why am I looking for jobs specifically in recruitment. My interests are HR, I know I'm a good recruiter but why not diversify a bit.

So this weekend I'll broaden my scope a bit and see what's what. At least I now know not to put the job hunt on hold just because you start a process with one company.

I got 90% on my benefits paper...whew I seriously didn't know where that was going to go.

This just shows that you must believe in yourself 100%. You can conquer any challenge and that includes weight loss.


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Leigh Anne said...

Congrats on the great mark on your paper, the job interview and the new outlook on your job search. Hope something pans out for you sooner than later.