Friday, October 10, 2008

Hibernation mode

What is it that makes us go into hibernation mode when the weather gets cooler and the sky gets a little darker? Yesterday everyone in the office was tired, it's not like everyone had a late night. One person was late because they fell asleep again after their alarm went off. I know I lay there waiting for a good song on the radio, which equals at least two snooze button hits.

This morning I saw a woman get on the bus decked out in her serious winter coat, hood on, zipped up to her nose. It was -3, what the heck is she going to do when it's -30.

I do find adjusting to weather funny. Right now we're freezing in -3, a month from now -10 will feel balmy.

I did my impression of someone backpacking across Europe this morning as I was lugging my MEC backpack with gym stuff and a small duffle bag containing the dish of Tiramisu.

We have 5 people in the office today and 9x13 pan of Tiramisu. We're closed on Monday for Canadian Thanksgiving. I've told them they have to eat it. I know I'm asking them all to be garbage disposals but it would break my heart if this goes to waste. I don't want to take the pan home until Tuesday as I don't think I get all this stuff into a gym locker. Hey, the starbucks liquor in it might make for a fun afternoon.

I'm very much looking forward to the gym tonight as I'm hoping I'll learn the lower body routine and be all set to conquer.

My plan is to go to weigh in tomorrow as usual but instead of grocery shop afterwards I'm going to the gym. I'm fairly certain Safeway will be open on Sunday if necessary. The bonus of leaving from home with the intent to workout is that far less stuff needs to be carted. I'm also picking up a new tracker at WI, I need a fresh book just to get my head clear. I've tracked nothing all week, well tracked in my head which is not the same as tracking on paper.

I need to figure out food for school nights, even if I pack a snack to eat around 6 I'm starving by the time I get home because I really haven't had supper. I should bring a peanut butter sandwich with me next time something a bit more filling than a granola bar.

I've come up with a way to finish my certificate by spring but I have to take 3 classes next semester. They're all different lenghts one is 40hrs, one is 30hrs and one is 20hrs. So they wouldn't be all three for the same time frame. It would mean no life from Jan to April but I'm seriously considering it. I think it would be good to have the certificate completed if I do have to re-write the NKE in May.

I hope all my Canadian friends have a great Thanksgiving weekend and all my American friends have a great Columbus Day weekend.


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