Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the waiting begins

So I had my phone interview this morning and the recruiter asked me 3 times why I wanted to leave my current position. I phrased everything in the positive but kept thinking "haven't I answered that already?" She told me she has one more person to phone interview and then they would see who they bring in for in person interviews. She asked me my availability towards the end of this week and I said I will make it happen. She also asked when I could start and when I said in 2 wks she seemed really happy about that. We shall see. It's a brand new position so that's an exciting prospect. I just keep thinking if I was perfect for the oil company, I can be perfect for the engineering company.

I did a killer upper body workout at the gym. Well upper, core and 40min of cardio. I wore my heart rate monitor and it's talking to my computer at home. It was downloading very slowly..
By the time I got to the Arc machine I was sweating bullets. Including walking home from the gym the workout was 1hr and 48min. I'm back on Wednesday for lower body.

It was funny to observe others at the gym. I saw people on cardio equipment who looked bored out of their tree.

I was a bit at a loss of what to have for supper which indicates to me I need to plan in advance for gym nights. I get home closer to 7:30 and don't want to be eating too late.

I've been looking into meditation lately as a way to deal with stress and to quiet my thoughts. I got one created by Deepak Chopra called Soul of Healing meditations. It's meditation for beginners, very relaxing, nothing complicated. When I went to bed I put it in and just did 5min of the breathing meditation. All you did was breathe, don't control it just let it happen and focus on that. Well after that I had to get up and whoa I felt different. Not dizzy or anything, just completely relaxed. Apparently I normally walk around tense. I slept really well but woke up at 4am hungry. Fell asleep again and it was seriously hard to get up this morning.

Tonight is yoga so depending on how relaxed I feel after that I might try this again tonight. Directly after work I'm making my way to Walmart to pick up halloween candy and kleenex. Don't you hate it when you're out of kleenex, it's like your nose will run or you'll sneeze in that exact moment.

This morning the stars were still out when I was standing at the bus stop. I enjoyed it.

Have a fantastic day!

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