Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Darkness is coming....

The only think I begrudge about winter is the leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark. This morning when I left for work it was more dark that sunrise so it's coming. Dang it.

Went straight to the grocery store yesterday after work to hunt down the ingredients for Tiramisu. Walmart nor Safeway had lady finger cookies - huh? Safeway's mascarpone was uber pricey. So today straight after work I'll stop in at Co-op as I'm fairly positive they have lady finger cookies. If not I guess it's Nilla cookies. I seem to remember them carrying bigger containers of Mascarpone. I find it fun to go to a grocery store you normally don't go to. It can be dangerous as you find interesting things that might throw off your budget a bit.

I walked home from Safeway, had a bit to eat got distracted by Biggest Loser and then off to yoga. I did not leave early enough as about 10 people were already set up by the time I got there. Note to self next Tuesday leave earlier.

I found it difficult yesterday, I haven't done any yoga since that last class so that's two weeks of no yoga = no good. I'm seriously considering getting up half an hour earlier to get a practice in before my day begins. Especially with my gym schedule and not eating dinner until closer to 8pm. That also means going to bed earlier. I must think like an athlete.

I have a better idea for my paper so my goal is to get a very rough copy done at lunch and then tonight hammer out a better rough copy (after making Tiramisu) and put together the reference list. Then put it all on my zip and finish /perfect it Thursday morning.

I'll be so happy when this thing is submitted.

Have a groovy day!

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