Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day By Day

OMG did I have fun last night, my friend and I went speed dating. I had never done it before and she's tried it once.

It was a blast, I'm a recruiter by profession so "interviewing" people for 3 minutes isn't difficult for me. I can usually strike up a conversation with anyone. I probably ticked off about 10 guys as yes. I figured the worst thing that can happen is you go out for coffee and realize you don't click. The really interesting part was compairing what I informtion I found out with what information my friend found out. Matches will be posted in two days. I won't be disappointed if I don't have any and I would try it again. It's a super entertaining way to spend an evening.

Food wise I was doing just fine until about 3pm yesterday when I took my stressed colleague out for ice cream. The plan was to go to DQ and I would get a dilly bar. DQ was closed, I was shocked. So instead we go to the local convenience store and get an ice cream. I actually went to the cash with a fruit pop that clocked in at 56cal. At the last minute I traded it in for something much worse. At speed dating I stuck to water but then my friend and I went for a drink to discuss and we had delicious szechwan green beans and the 3 dip Med Bread at Moxies. This was a like 10:30pm, I never eat that late.

I've been following the advice of The Biggest Loser book and recording my weight each morning. I did not like what I saw this morning. Mind you I did eat super late and it's probably loaded with salt but it did shock me into better behaviour today. I have 3 days before WI to get my act together. So I have a pretty low day planned to shock my metabolism from the barrage of badness.

Onward and hopefully downward :)


Anne said...

You weren't that bad. I love Moxies! Mmm bellinis :)
Sounds like you had lots of fun!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

We did and now we laugh about the 3 desserts :)