Monday, April 10, 2006

4 Day Work Week

Someone said Happy Tuesday to me this morning. I thought that was funny I'd rather think of it as Monday and a short week then to think I lost a Monday. Whenever a holiday lands on a Monday I always feel like I'm running behind for the week.

Perception is everything :)

Well I was up 1.6 at WI on Saturday. I officially started the 100 day challenge on Saturday so I have a bit of catch up to do. The weekend wasn't great eating wise but on Sunday we did a 16k walk on a route we haven't done before. It was really nice even with a ton of people taking part in a race that were all over the pathways.

I had a feeling that I'd be up but not by that much. I weighed myself this morning and I was two pounds down from Saturday. Yes, I am a scale addict. I don't let the number ruin my day or anything. I look at it in a more analytical way. So my challenge this week is to stay OP for the next 5 days (taking the 100 days a few at a time). Friday will be hard because I'll be home. The weather is supposed to be nice so I think I'll create a walk around the hood. I don't think I'll go to Running Room on Sunday. It's the day of the Chinook Half so the pathways will be nuts and it seems only two people from my group will be there and then add that transit will be on a reduced not fun.

I made the chili from ESBM yesterday and it's not bad. Huge amount of fibre and loads of veggies so it should be a full meal. My supper will be at subway this evening or some other healthy option. I'll check the salads at Good Earth. For having a name like Good Earth they have an awful lot of stuff which isn't all that healthy.

This week will definitely be challenge. The desire to snack will be strong but I shall be stronger.

Only 4 days until I get to sleep in...bliss

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