Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Run Over By The Wagon

Yesterday I did not just fall of the wagon, I was run over and am covered in tire tracks. Not sure what happened or how the decent into madness started.

Did a good walk, great pace 8km in total. Then went to Good Earth and had a nanaimo bar, then my friend and I started talking about the Blarney Chips at the Pub. So we went there and shared an order. Then the waitress mentions dessert, so we get a berry oatmeal crisp to share...thinking relatively healthy. It comes to the table and it's tiny, so we gobble that up and then order two more desserts to share. She ordered the lava cake and I ordered their version of an ice cream sandwich. Her's was amazing and mine was so-so.


I know this program, inside and out, I can preach it from the rafters...yet I still blow it. I know not to feel bad and to refocus and start new but still why did I let that happen.

It's just been one of those days I guess.

Going speed dating tonight...never done it before. Should provide interesting stories for tomorrow :)

Ciao :)

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