Friday, April 07, 2006


Is it sad that I live for Fridays? It just seems like this week dragged on. Plus had a hard time staying OP this week and I think I figured out why. Last week I had a 3lb loss, the week before I had a gain. The week I had a gain everytime I was tempted by something a voice in my head would say NO!. However after I've had a great loss the mindset changes a little, I still now it's bad but the will power is not quite as strong...interesting.

Well the truth will be told on Saturday. Then I'll go from there. The last two days have been good and my water intake has been good. Of course 2 days doesn't make a week.
I need to learn how to get into strength training. The Vancouver Half Marathon is now 29 sleeps away. By the 17th km I'm told that one can get tired in the upper body so strength is important.
I'm really good about it periodically but have never really made it a habit.

So I was reading all my favourite blogs this am and Michelle has started a 100 day challenge.
The Goals:
Stay OP for 100 days - Will Do
Workout for at least 4hrs per week-Will Do and will include weights...dang it!
Now the next one is a weight goal so I'll say to lose 35.2lbs by July 15th which will bring me to goal.
I'm going to add drink at least 2L of water a day. Water is always my downfall.

I really want to feel comfortable in a bikini by the time I get to Hawaii in December but by summer here would be icing on the cake.

As Yoda said "There is no try...just do"

Have a great weekend!!!

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