Monday, April 24, 2006

Down 3.2!

Whoo hoo, I finally crossed the lost 30lbs mark - I am so happy!
It took me forever but I'm o.k with that because it had to happen that way for me so I learned the lessons well.

I'm going to do the Relay for Life for the Cancer society again this year. Did it last year and had a blast. It's an incredibly touching event. Especially the luminaries that are dedicated to all the people who've been lost due to this terrible disease.

On the speed dating note, I received an email from Brad on Thursday, emailed him back on Friday. He had given me his number so I replied with mine and he called Friday night. I really couldn't talk much so I called him back on Sunday. We'll be meeting for a drink this Thursday. I'm not so sure about him. He told me a lot about his family, work and weekend but didn't ask me much. I got emails from two more guys so we'll see.

For those who asked about it, I definitely suggest trying it. I had a lot of fun, but I also went into it with no expectations. I just gave myself the challenge of talking to 25 guys I've never seen before.

Going to head over to MEC and Running Room tonight to figure out what the heck I'm going to race in. I attempted to do that on Saturday but it was snowing and I just didn't feel like standing in the middle of a snowglobe. It's probably better to go tonight because it won't be as busy anyway. Instead I went in search of dress pants, all of my current ones are too big (yeah). I finally found some at Sears that fit really well (size 12!). I just need to hem them.

Apart from that it's been an o.k day so far. Everybody loved the cake I made for the birthday in the office and I had a major NSV. When making it I had leftover whipcream with cherry pie filling folded in...I tossed it. 30lbs ago I would have eaten it.

I would so love to be 168 before my doctor's appoinment on 9th that would put me at exaclty 20lbs down from my last visit. That's 5lbs in two weeks, it's possible. 164 would be 40lbs down from start way. Not sure I could pull off a 9lb loss but it's not like I won't try.

Other than all the above not to much to report today. I hope everyone has a great day!


Anne said...

Congrats on the loss that is amazing! Have fun on your date. Speedating sounds fun. Too bad I'm

Michelle said...

Great loss Chickita!!!
woo hoo!!
I went for my physical and I was up like..20 or 30lbs from last year!!! So feel good about what you have accomplished so far! 30lb mark is huge!!!