Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring is in the air

I love how spring gives you new inspiration and a bit of a pick me up. It's the wonder of how everything is new again. The clothing stores are full of colour, the tulips are starting to come up and trees are turning a pale green.

We had a great walk last night. Started with Fartleks (it always sounds like your swearing when you say that). So we did from one light post to the next light post as fast as you can go and then recover for two light posts. Apparently it helps your endurance. You don't do it for a long time maybe 30min max. Then after that we did a nice walk, we were going fast too which was nice. Then we stopped at Good Earth. My friend had a large mac n' cheese (they make the best). I was sitting there with my rice crispie square and coffee and then got a small mac n' cheese. Apparently not the greatest combo since I got sick later. Feel perfectly fine now which I'm grateful for.

Picked up a mag I've never read before called Fitness RX for women. It's hard core fitness guru stuff but it's neat how it has a section on all types of different fitness opitions like yoga, pilates, traditional gym and classes. It's not cheap but it's got loads of info to read, lots of ads for curious supplements too.

I can't wait for this long weekend. I feel like I've had no get up and go for the last week. Probably due to the week before TOM. So far the snacking hasn't gotten too out of control and my water intake has been good.

Tonight I think I'll swing by Walmart and pick up this Garnier highlighting kit I've been eyeing. I just did my colour with Loreal Colour Experte in Brioche, it was sort of auburn red before. My natural colour is a mousy brown, blond with red sort of mess so everytime I use any colour with a bit of red my hair totally absorbs it. So I wanted to try a light brown to tone it all down. Well no one in my office noticed a difference, my friend did so kudos to her. When I was doing it I was too tired to go indepth with the highlighting part so now I'd like to add more. We'll see how it turns out.

My friend from Fort Mac is in town tomorrow so I'll probably be running around with her all day. The challenge will be to stay within my points since WI is Saturday. She joined Weightwatchers online but I'm not sure how much she's embraced the concept. So we'll just have to see.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

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