Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dentist Spa

O.K so I must be weird, but today I had a dentist appointment to re-do some replacement fillings that a loser dentist did 2 months ago, that (to make a long story short) resulted in me becoming on a first name basis with the dental receptionist. To the point where she now knows my voice.

The weird part...I found it strangely relaxing. If only they could make the drills sound better. I seriously almost fell asleep. It was like meditating, just slowly breathing in and out through your nose...I know bizarre.

Apart from that I treated myself to the Tomato Tuscan Bisque from Safeway for supper since I couldn't really chew anything. Trust me you do not want to see the nuritional information on this baby but it's really really good. I might make it my mission to figure out to make a "healthy" version of it.

Points wise I still had a decent day since I ate pretty low for morning and lunch suspecting that I'd have a higher point supper. Walked home so that would earn me about 1AP. I have a 5k walk planned for tomorrow...must taper off for Vancouver.

Anybody got any must see shops to recommend in Vancouver. I don't have a ton of time there this trip but I will have time to shop. I have to find breakfast options for god forsaken early on a Sunday. Simple stuff like bagels or english muffins. Race starts at 7am so breakfast has to be no later than 5am. Listen to me, I sound like a serious athlete.

Apart from that not a lot to comment on today, I read through all my favourite blogs really quickly this morning so I'll have to recap and put my thinking cap on.

Hope everyone had a great day!

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herefishy said...

If I were you, i would go to a Cobbs bread (there is one on Davie st downtown) and buy some breakfast food the day before along with a piece of fruit or something!