Monday, January 30, 2012

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap–Day before race day

This is the 2nd of 3 posts of my race recap

Being in bed by 8pm also meant I was awake early. I stayed in bed for as long as I could and got up at 6am.

My plan today is to check out the race expo again and buy stuff. Yesterday was mostly looking. I also want to check out California Adventure. Staying at a Disney hotel had some perks like a guest only gate to California Adventure and guest only monorail into to Disneyland from downtown Disney.

Went down to the hotel casual dining area for breakfast. I opted to not go with the character breakfast at the PCH grill and spend $30 for a buffet.
How cute is this?
Tinkerbell Half 018
The waffle, a bottle of OJ and a basic cafe mocha ( chocolate milk with espresso) cost me $16 with tax.
Now the expo doesn't open till 10am nor does California Adventure. Disneyland opens at 8am but I need to make sure I don't over extend myself today. So I thought it would be a relaxed exploration of California Adventure.

Right now I'm back in my hotel room writing blog drafts, painting nails and I'll head out closer to 10. I'm hoping blue is a finish line color.
Tinkerbell Half 019
It's now 2pm and I'm back in my room to relax before dinner. Learned a lesson today that if you go to a race expo and see something you like buy it. Yesterday I saw a Champion jacket that had the Tinker Bell race logo on the front and on the sleeve said Inaugural Tinker Bell Half 2012. I tried on a large and the arms felt really roomy but the chest fit well. It was $65 so I wanted to think about it. There were loads of these jackets. Today only small sizes left. I snoozed I lost. Instead I got a baseball cap, pin and a shot glass.

Tinkerbell Half 034

I did get a new fuel belt made by Ifitness. It's got a waterproof and sweat proof ouch to hold the phone plus a smaller part to hold ID and credit card/cash. This one has 2 6oz bottles plus two pouches for gel or Chapstick. Plus note the reflective bits and bib toggles. It promises to be no bounce, no ridding up and no chafing. I'm going to wear it tomorrow as when I tried it on I liked the feel way better then the fuel belt I brought with me. The girl at the booth was wearing one and was jumping - the thing didn't move. The trick wear low on the hips.
Tinkerbell Half 032
I dropped off my bags at the hotel and went to California Adventure. I found this park a little meh. Apparently big things in store for it this summer. I then moved on to Disneyland as it was early. I was hungry so I went to the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. I wanted a sit down restaurant. I had the Monte Cristo sandwich. Forgot to take a picture. It was huge and super good so I ate half. It came with one of the best salads I've ever had. I may need to duplicate the salad at home. It wasn't complicated - lettuce, red onion, yellow pepper, walnuts, craisins, some sort of cheese (goat?) and a beautiful sherry vinaigrette. All in it was $30, expensive but worth it.

I then headed for Tomorrowland and almost got a build it yourself light saber. I did leave with a mug and personalized key chain. It's so rare for me to find Sylvia. I then decided to get off my feet and took the monorail to downtown Disney which is closer to the hotel. Got around far more efficiently today no walking in circles.

I didn't ride any rides today maybe tomorrow. Tonight it's off to dinner with the race entourage my boss's boss, another co-worker and a former co- worker plus 9 other people I don't know.

All my race stuff is organized and all electronics charged, it will be an early night as it's an early wake up call.

Tinkerbell Half 035

Tomorrow is race day.

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