Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Challenge craziness

So not only have I signed up for two blogger challenges I'm coordinating a Biggest Loser challenge at work. Aren't I gung ho?

Late this afternoon I ran all over site putting up posters. It started in the building I work in. First I hit the second floor that I work on. I did one lap of the floor putting the posters on bathroom doors (hey everybody goes in there). The next few passes were water coolers and kitchens including fridges. Then I collected a buddy and hit the rest of site. I was in and out of 8 other building/ trailers. I checked my BodyMedis and I had 90min of moderate activity. Yeesh, I was tired. I think I earned about 5 activity points.

I got back to camp and was starving but chose healthy options and another on track WW day.

Now I'm in my pjs and going to finish watching Revenge.

Tomorrow I fly home.

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!!!


1 comment:

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Crazy day. BUt I think you do better staying busy. Safe travels home.