Sunday, January 08, 2012


We're all seeing that word a lot lately especially if you're a Weight Watcher like me. Yes the ads on tv are on heavy rotation as they are for every other weight loss business- it's January. It does drive me a little batty when I see all these people trashing the ads on Twitter. Ah I see the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem ones just as much - like I said it's January.  The people trying to knock Weight Watchers while trying to sell their program also drives me a little bananas.

I've never responded well to that kind of advertising. I used to not drink anything made by Pepsi because all they ever did was trash Coca Cola, perhaps it's because I consider myself an under dog and have an extreme dislike and disdain for bullies.

I for one love Weight Watchers and does that mean you will - no idea. People need to try things to determine if they work for them. The WW program has never failed me, I have failed it in the past and that is solely my fault especially when I don't track. When I follow the program it works. I've now tracked for 9 days in a row in 2012 and I plan to keep that going.

Well personally I find every single one of the Weight Watcher ads inspiring especially the one with all the people along with Jennifer Hudson. Suzy Storm is in that one and I follow her blog and follow her on twitter. To me that's real life inspiration as is the receptionist at my WW meeting who lost 125lbs.  The WW ads are all inspiring in one way or another the pre-Jennifer and post Jennifer one shows how far she's come. The one with just her in black saying "You're stronger then you think you are" is inspiring as well.

In my meeting on Saturday we talked a lot about how weight loss is 90% mental and it's the mind games we play on ourselves that can defeat us. Heck I know how that feels like when I got my 25lb charm to put on my key chain and then I started to steadily gain. I wasn't convinced I could do this that I could get to goal so that marker caused me to freak out a little. I realize that was ridiculous as I've achieved everything else I put my mind to and believed. That's why I will reach goal this year because I believe.

On the Weight Watcher's stuff you see the word Believe made up of a bunch of other words. I don't know if you've ever taken time to read those words but I'm going to share a few of them with you right now.

Believe, Hope, Smile, Dream, Confidence, Progress, Laugh, Happy, Smile, Love You, Strength, Live, Achieve, Change, Run, Healthier, Successful (that's just the B), Energy, Hope, Healthy, Lighter, Hope, Smile, Energy, Succeeding, Healthy, Love, Smile, Energy, Succeeding, Healthy, Love, Happy, Dream...Determination.

Yes there are repeated words but sometimes we need to be reminded and that takes hearing the message multiple times. Even if you don't follow Weight Watchers these words apply to anyone who wants to achieve a goal especially health related.

Determination was my word of the day today. I had 6.2 miles/10K to do on the training schedule. My neighbourhood was mega windy this morning with gusts around 60km. So I went to the gym to do it on the treadmill. After 3 run intervals I just wasn't feeling the running mojo so I walked it. The treadmill resets at one hour so I had to keep an eye on that so I could reset and continue on.

1hr25min/ 6.2 miles/ Pace 13:48min/mile/ 517 calories burned/ Avg HR 158. Really my walking pace isn't a whole lot slower then my run/walk pace.

I wore compression socks today, the compression tights will wait for the next outside run. I thought I'd be too warm in the gym. When the shorts get here I'll try those on the gym and in super nice weather. I'm not sure if the socks made me feel different I think it's hard to tell on the treadmill as it's a more cushioned terrain then going outside.

It's funny I used to only run on the treadmill but now that I've been doing it outside I prefer outside. I was hot in the gym and felt a little like a hamster with the only thing to look at was the newly renovated group exercise studio in front of me that the treadmills face. My mind started a little negotiation like O.K if you stay on here for 5miles then you can walk home for the extra 1.2. I stopped that thinking and continued on.

I just had to put one foot in front of the other and that's how I'm approaching this goal that as alluded me for so long. I will get to goal by just putting one foot in front of the other.

As I've said tomorrow is my most challenging day of the week with an all day meeting in a nice hotel and group dinner. This is my strategy: breakfast at home, I can have coffee, fruit and 0% fat yogurt (if available) at the catered breakfast as an am snack. For lunch keep in my mind the plate rule - half veggies/salad, one quarter protein and one quarter starch. Of course I don't know what's available so I'll have to eye it there. For dinner I was actually thinking of not going. I now have to fly out on Tuesday at 6am so I'll need an early night. However every restaurant has salad and I can ask them to modify it however I want.

I hope you had a great Sunday.



Enz said...

Sounds like you have a solid plan and congrats on completing your run!

Fatoutofskinny said...

I agree with all the weight loss stuff right now. I'm also a big WW fan.
You've been tagged.....go to my blog post for the instructions!

carla said...

you can do it.
the dinner and the meeting and ALL OF IT.
just stay focused.