Friday, January 20, 2012

One week from today

I'll be in Disneyland and a mere 48 hours from my first half marathon in 5 years....

Today I did pop down to the Disney store and got these

Ok they're designed for age 3 years and up so I'll need to do some reconfiguration to get them to work. Oddly enough I can get them on but I don't think they'd last 13.1 miles as is.

I also popped into Lululemon which was next door but nothing appealed to me. I think my run wear will be what I already own and maybe I'll find a running skirt at the expo. My plan is to wear compression bottoms anyway so the skirt would be for over them.

I haven't been to Southcentre Mall since I was probably 16 or so. It's a bit of hike from my neighbourhood but I think I'll go again maybe when it warms up. I had a very single focus so didn't really check it all out.

I'm not so sure I'll find tulle at Walmart to make a running tutu and I'm seriously out of time for that project. If I enjoy this race I get the feeling I might do more Disney Runs.

I downloaded some new tunes for the running playlist. I've really been enjoying some 80 and 90 classics..ah my youth. If you have any suggestions for good running tunes let me know.

Weigh in tomorrow and not sure how that will go. My eating got a little derailed as of Wednesday with the team dinner and then yesterday's entire corporate team social.

Today has been a fair bit of walking and keeping the points on the low end. Tomorrow will be my last weigh in for two weeks as I'll miss next week due to Disneyland. I looked for meetings in Anaheim but they all seem too far. I am happy that I have secondary motivation of going to Fitbloggin after the half marathon. So the focus needs to keep going because really I can be and plan to be at goal before September.

Tomorrow I'll write up my pack list and start collecting what I'll need so my landing on Thursday and then turning around and getting on another plane the next day.

Had to share one more pic of me from yesterday. It's been super cold lately so yesterday I had to pull out my sleeping bag jacket. Now it does sort of look like a sleeping bag. My winter dressing is function not fashion but when I wear this thing and am in a moving vehicle (car, train, plane) I can fall asleep in minutes. I did see a photo of Madonna arriving at LAX recently and it seems we have the same toque.

I do hope you all had a great Friday.



Enz said...

Love your coat, look how cute you are! I can't imagine how you live in such a COLD place!!!! I hate the cold. Looking forward to hearing all about your Disney experience AND I will be living Fitblogging through hopefully you'll share, share, share!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi there, I am your newest follower from England! xx

Fatoutofskinny said...

Good luck look forward to hearing all about it.

Annie ~ Slim By Fifty! said...

Hi its that bloody woman above again! Started a separate blog as I was worried some of my followers from my Felt fairy blog would have a heart attack if I ever post 'before' pictures! lol!

ps, the coat looks gorgeous!

Leigh C. said...

I bow down to you. Good luck in your half marathon. I hope to get there one day:)

Kim said...

That is so cool. I am excited to hear how it goes. Good job. Sounds awesome.