Friday, January 13, 2012

The Plan

So on Wednesday I was perplexed on what to do for the 9 miles I had to do this week as per the half marathon training plan. Normally I do Sundays but the temperatures are supposed to drop dramatically.

Today my outside thermometer said it was 0c so I decided to do the 9 miles today. After a breakfast of Multigrain Cheerios, a glass of milk and cup of coffee and a one hour wait I headed out.  I can do 5 miles on a treadmill without getting super bored.

Last week when I was in Walmart I saw the Gatorade G series. I picked up a pouch of 01 Prime and bottle of 03 Recover. I have Gatorade powder at home so I figured I was good for the "Perform" part. Today I decided to try the 01 Prime. I also wore my CW-X tights.

The exposure on this picture is terrible thank to the window in my front door.

I wasn't as self conscious in these as I thought I would be so over this ensemble I just had my Running Room jacket on. I actually felt kind of fast.

On the run itself I definitely felt more support and for lack of a better word less jiggly.

The deets on the run:

1hr57/ 9 miles (15km roughly)/ Avg Pace 13:06min/mi/ 598 calories burned/ Avg HR 167.

I did feel a foot cramp coming on at mile 7 so I actually walked the last 2 miles. I did 1 min run and 2 min walk intervals for the first 7 miles.

I'm definitely faster outside then on the treadmill.

This is how the miles broke down.
Mile 1 13:05 min
Mile 2 12:39 min
Mile 3 12:26 min
Mile 4 12:36 min
Mile 5 12:43 min
Mile 6 12:52 min
Mile 7 13:00 min
Mile 8 13:39 min
Mile 9 15:00 min

The last mile was a bit of a gong show as I adjusted my route to finish as close to my front door so there was a lot of looking at my Garmin which always slows me down and the wind picked up a lot. I can't say I enjoy walking or running into strong winds. It was windy the whole time but got worse towards the end. I'm really hoping Anaheim is wind free on Jan 29th. I actually never looked at the Garmin it until towards the end of mile 8 and I tied my fastest pace of the 5 miles I did last Friday. I'm happy with that.

Next Sunday (or Friday) I need to do 10 miles and right now the forecast says +2 but there will be snow for the bulk of the week. I was kind of impressed with all my neighbours today as there were only a couple of houses who didn't shovel their sidewalk.

I probably won't bring the tights to Disneyland as the average temperatures in Anaheim in January can be high of 22 and low of +9. However the CW-X shorts arrived in the mail yesterday and there's also the crops. I'll definitely back both. It will probably be the crops as 5:45am is unlikely to be +22.

I earned 13 APs today. I'm only eating a few like 4 of them today as I do weigh in tomorrow so not sure how this will effect weigh in.

Last night when I got home I was snacky again. I definitely need a plan for when I land on Thursdays and get home after 7pm. Even if I have a frozen dinner is better then randomly going through the kitchen looking for dinner. I also need to have a better afternoon snack. I don't think fruit cuts it when I eat dinner so late (well late for me).

My high point day on Monday definitely caused a different week. I noticed my weight stayed steady Tue -Thurs, this morning it got lower but the same as weigh in on Saturday. Note to self keep higher point days as far from weigh in as possible which has always worked for me in the past.

I am looking forward to being done with this half marathon so I can focus on form and building up the running as opposed to what I have to do now and focus on distances.

Alright that's all I got for today, hope you had a great Friday.


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Enz said...

How did you do today? I have to admit I find running boring, even with great music and scenery - it's just boring to me. I can't imagine running as far as you do. The think I like about 3k and 5k is that I just run it and its done!