Saturday, January 21, 2012

A blip and SCC week 3 review

After a fairly emotional week I figured I'd see a gain today but it wasn't so bad up .6 so 176 on the noes. I did kind of abandon tracking as of Wednesday but today I went back and filled out my journal and updated my spreadsheet. Workouts were iffy, didn't drink enough water and had some fairly high sodium foods on Wed and Thurs. The data doesn't lie but it helps to know where I went wrong so I can learn from it.

It's ridiculous to bury my head in the sand and better to face facts. I am an emotional eater that's for sure so I think to brush off "Shrink Yourself" and take notes this time as opposed to just reading it. Life is full of blip, one needs to focus on the future.

I walked into my meeting today and everything was moved. The weigh in scales where now angled as opposed to in a line and they also moved the seats. The rows were awfully close together then normal. What I found interesting is we had a sub today. My regular leader Deb is off to Palm Springs for 3 weeks. This leader is young and I have to admit we might come off as a tough crowd. The meeting was packed today even more then last week.

So we talked about coping strategies like when is your danger hour in the day where you're more likely to snack and do you have any things coming up that you need to plan for.

I have to miss next week due to being in Anaheim so my next weigh in will be on Feb 4. Apart from the half marathon there will be lots of walking as I really want to explore the parks. Plus my plan is to hit the gym when I'm home next Wednesday. It's been a long time since I went to Zumba.

The weather never hit the -6c they promised it was closer to -10 today but that's still about a 30 degree increase in temperature from last week. I know these temperatures sound extreme but in Calgary it's a dry cold with very little humidity so along as your bundled and wind proofed you're good to go. Really one week of extreme winter is not so bad as next week should be single digits. We also get +30c in the summer so I like to say every Calgarian owns 10 jackets for every possible weather condition. Tomorrow by noon it should be Zero with maybe -5 with windchill so actually pretty good conditions for the 10 miles I need to do.

My Spring Chick Challenge goals this week (4):
Water - so important with the winter dryness - 2L a day
Track it before I eat it.
Activity - gentle as I'll be in tapering zone after tomorrow so the focus will not be on collecting a bit amount of activity points more focus on yoga and mediation. Get my head focused on the race ahead.

I will weigh in at home when I get back on Tuesday and post my week 4 review and goals for week 5 then.

Well my friends I hope you have a great Saturday, talk to you tomorrow.



Enz said...

What do you think of Zumba? My gym offers two classes (intensity level 2 - {levels being 1-3 as three the highest}. I'd like to try it but am a bit scared as I have three left feet!

Watchmeshine said...

You're right - it's a total blip and it won't be like that next week!

The 1/2 marathon sounds exciting! And a Disney one, no less! Cool! :)

Fatoutofskinny said...

Hope things are better next week. Have a great time in Anaheim.