Friday, January 06, 2012

Run Day and tried something different

Hello my friends,
No blogging yesterday as I was zonked when I got home. Plane was delayed by 30min due to "flow control" which means Calgary airport said don't take off until we tell you to. That morning we had mega fog and all flights that came in had to be diverted to Fort McMurray and then bused to work. Luckily fog was not an issue though we did need to de-ice.

I got home and picked up my mail from the neighbour plus cuddled with their dog (who I adore) and then tried to watch Biggest Loser but I was yawning my head off so I went to bed.

Today I had to 5 miles on the training calendar. So I headed out with a different plan then usual. I decided today to not look at my pace the entire time. I would just look at Garmin to track distance. I wanted to see if I could feel my pace and tell when I was slowing down. I have to admit this pace minimum in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon is freaking me out a little so normally I check my pace quite often.

Today's walk run:
1hr5min/ 5 miles/ pace 13:05/mi/ 447 calories burned/ Avg HR 172

So that's my fastest pace to date. I tried to focus on arm swings as your feet move as fast as your arms. The running parts are still hard but it's progress.

When I got home the CW-X progression bottoms I ordered were here. I found a store in Ontario called Running Free Canada that ships for free (for a minimum purchase). The tights were also on sale. It totally beat the Running Room which is where I was going to go. Not to mention they have way more variety.  Of course with online sizing is a bit of a guess. I researched and found that is a wicked source for info. Lots of people really like CW-X that's for sure. I also found CW-X Stabilizer shorts for super cheap on Amazon.

These are the full tights in Raspberry color. I think my Tinkerbell running outfit will be leaning towards pink. After all it is the kind of race you dress up for.

I also got a pair of 3/4 tights in black. 

Now I have to admit when I took them out of the shipping package they totally made me think of regular tights like pantyhose type things. I put them on and I think they feel right not having tried any sort of compression gear before. It was exactly like putting on regular tights. The CW-X sizing chart goes by height and weigh just like pantyhose. I did go with medium based on height I should technically be a little lighter for them to fit but all my research said you absolutely don't want them too long. That makes sense for compression purposes I think.
I also am bound and determined to be losing so I didn't want to get ones too big.  I'll test them out on long run Sunday. This Sunday is 6.2 miles next Sunday is 10 miles.

Yesterday I got the SPIbelt I ordered. I realized I'll need to have stuff on me during the race and I'm debating not running with a fuel belt as the water/fuel stations seem pretty extensive on this race.
Plus lately I'm finding my fuel belt feeling bulky. I've heard absolutely wonderful things about this.

As you can see it looks little above but that pouch stores some stuff. I have a thing for plaid which worked well for me as this one was on sale as I think it's discontinued.

Now I haven't completely sorted out my hydration plan so I also got the SPIbelt hand held water bottle.

I have never used a hand held bottle before but this got super good reviews it's very comfortable to hold and easy to drink out of plus it also has a pouch so if I do go gels this is a good place to store one. I'll road test this on Sunday as well.

Then when I got home I finally watched Biggest Loser. Interesting splitting up the couples and I like it. No favourites yet but there's a whole season to go.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I will do my first Spring Chick Challenge full update on my week activity and food wise.

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday.


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Enz said...

Let me know if you feel a difference running with the compression tights.