Monday, January 02, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge

Alright apparently I've been kidnapped by aliens because I signed up for yet another challenge. Yes, traditionally I'm a challenge phobe as I put a wicked amount of pressure on myself and give up. Yet I like the idea of this one as it will keep we focused through winter. I shamefully borrowed the formatting from Enz as I'm on my secondary lap top and suck at formatting on this thing. There's no buttons on the touch pad and drives me bonkers. I'll add a button for this challenge when I get home this weekend and can use my regular laptop.

Spring Chick Challenge: Starts today Jan 2 and ends March 19th. 

Commit to a NSV (non scale victory) to be assessed at the start and the conclusion of the challenge.  
  • Goal: Continue half marathon training until race day of Jan 29, then continue to run/walk 3 times a week minimum.
  • Current: Half marathon training that will be over at then end of this month.
Commit to a set of nutrition parameters and track via MyFitnessPal or Sparkpeople or WW.
  • Goal: Track and stay within WWP+ every day/week (26 per day + 49 per week)
  • Current: Tracking for part of the week and sort of staying within points.
Commit to a set of exercise parameters. These can be as loose or as flexible as you feel work for your personality, schedule, etc.
  • Goal: Run 3x a week either inside or treadmill. Do two other workouts per week that could consist of group class at the gym or yoga.
  • Current: Rare as my half marathon training has been rather sporadic 
Commit to blogging at least twice weekly and 1 of those times must be you check in with a complete up date on your progress. All other blogs could include new insights, results of weekly challenges, or just letting others know how you are doing.
  • Goal: My check in day will be Saturdays as that’s my WW Weigh-In day. I’ll blog at least 4 times a week or more about what I'm doing activity and food wise and my general thoughts on life. 
  • Current: Blogging but not so much on what I'm doing weight loss wise.
Commit to support... both giving and receiving. Check others blogs and comment as you feel motivated to do.
  • Goal: Following a whole bunch people doing the challenge!
Name: Sylvia aka Cowgirlwarrior
Blog URL:
Age: 39
Location: Calgary, AB
I've battled with my weight my entire life. I often say the last time I was at goal weight is when I was 5. I turn 40 in 6 months and I'm determined to go into my forties fit. 
Weekly Goal
This week I’m focused on tracking and of course training for that half marathon. I work in a remote camp 4 days a week so my menu is based on what's offered in the camp kitchen. Tracking is key as temptation is everywhere.

Weight Info
  • Start: 178.2 lbs
  • Goal for Challenge: 163 lbs
In other news woke up on my own today about 20min before my alarm went off - shocking. OMG the landing today was nerve wrenching. There was a tremendous amount of turbulence and the plane actually bounced when we landed. It was so windy the first guy off the plane got knocked over. 

Food wise today I was completely on track. Right now I'm doing my camp laundry so after I stick it in the dryer I'll roll out the yoga mat. 

Hope you all had a great Monday.



Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

1/2 marathon training is so cool.

Fatoutofskinny said...

So glad you joined the challenge. We can do this.

Enz said...

Yay glad you're doing this too!!!! We can keep each other in check :) I am thinking about, just toying with the idea - of doing the running room half marathon training starting in April. Am I crazy?

Congrats on a great day!!!