Saturday, January 07, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge WK2 and weigh in results

It's time for a check in on the Spring Chick Challenge, if you would like to know more about it check here.

Goal wise I'm plugging along with 1/2 marathon training though this week I got 2 runs in instead of 3. My plan got a little off by having to race all over site at the end of the day on Wednesday and while not a run day it was completely exhausting and still counted as an activity. Next week I'm focused on getting 3 in, especially the midweek one which I missed last week.

Points wise I should have added a little extra info to my goal of 26pts per day and using my 49pts per week. I also have a rule of eating half my activity points if I earn more than 4 in a day.

I keep a spreadsheet to track all this so it goes something like this - in a week I get 231 PPoints (7x26+49). I like to look at this way so I know if I have a higher day it needs to be made up. This week I ate 247 PPoints and earned 31 APS. So I had 15 APS uneaten. To me that's an on plan week and it did show on the scale today as I lost 2.8lbs at weigh in. I had a couple of high days this past week like New Year's Eve and when I flew home on Thursday. My cousin sent me all this lovely chocolate covered marzipan from Germany and well let's just say it's all gone now. Thursdays are tough for me as I don't get home till around 7pm so it's a long wait to dinner. I need to focus on a better afternoon snack or a healthy plane snack. This past Thursday I had no afternoon snack and had grapes when we were waiting for the plane.

As I have 3 weeks to the 1/2 marathon I'm paying more attention to running and stretching. As my long run days are on Sunday I opted to not hit the gym today but instead I'll do yoga this afternoon. I think Iron Reps and Zumba will wait for after I'm finished with the half marathon.

When I stepped on the scale at WI at first the weigh in lady said I gained .2 and I quickly corrected her. Of course the meeting was busier then usual with an influx of new people and that's OK as we're all in this together. My leader talked about believing and achieving today. I like one part where she said the mission is not to lose weight as lost things can be found. The mission is to remove it.

After weigh in I had to pick of a few groceries and am happy to say I left with no treats. I'm not likely to go snackapalooza if there are no snacks in my house. Of course I walked to weigh in an back. BodyMedia is telling me I did 1hr15 of moderate exercise as I do go to Starbucks first and then all the walking around Walmart and Safeway. I'm basing my AP earnings on solely on the walk to wi and back as that's a fast pace not a shopping pace. So today so far I've earned 3.

On Thursday I discovered one of co-workers is also on WW. He's an engineer and goes with his sister. I guess he used to it and so did the sister and they're both rejoining this weekend.  I can say this is the first time I had a WW chat with a man. What's super cool is we're often at the same meetings which have food provided so we decided we'd be WW buddies at work. On Monday is the first challenge as we'll be at an offsite in Calgary at a nice hotel where breakfast and lunch will be provided. Then later we're all meeting another group who is also having an offsite in Calgary for dinner. Last I heard it was the Saltlik, which is an awesome steak place and not exactly WW friendly. I'm saving my WP for Monday and will focus on smart choices.

Tomorrow I'll get myself updated on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jean's "Shrink Yo'self in 2012" plus you'll hear about my compression tight adventure. Tomorrow I need to do 6.2 miles/10K.

Hope you're having a fantastic Saturday.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Great job!!
I think that having a WW buddy is a wonderful thing. You can keep each other in check