Monday, January 30, 2012

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap– Hello California

This is the first of 3 posts recapping my trip to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

Kind of started off wrong when I got to the airport and used the automatic check in machines on the wrong part. I went to Westjet international instead of US area... Couldn't print my baggage tag so had to go stand in a different line. Totally my own fault. At least I'm prepared for my Vegas trip in June.

Then I tried to go to my gate but the corridor was locked, some sort of security procedure that I think is new. They unlocked the door about 20min before we had to board. My frequent flying totally pays off I even napped with screaming children on the plane.

It was a breathtaking view of the pacific ocean after seeing nothing but snow when we took off from Calgary. Caught the shuttle and got to Paradise Pier at about 2pm.
Tinkerbell Half 007
Cute room, love the beach ball pillows and of course there's a little note telling you if you go home with one it's $65.
Tinkerbell Half 011
I immediately went to the race expo and grabbed my race pack. The Disney properties are massive so it took me awhile to figure out where I was going. I left my BodyMedia at home and wish I had brought it. I did so much walking. This was the view walking into package pick up area.

Tinkerbell Half 008
The race expo is massive.

Tinkerbell Half 027

Thankfully GU was there. I didn't bring Gatorade with me as I thought that might not be wise even in checked baggage going to the US. Thought I could buy it once I was passed security at the airport. Nope there wasn't any. I did see some when I was zooming through LAX on my way to baggage pick up. Of course there isn't a bottle to be found in the hotel convenience store. So I picked up a couple of packs of lemon GU. I might go back for a different flavor. I also bought a sparkle skirt. Might wear it over the compression pants on race day.

Tinkerbell Half 010

I decided against wings so I have to do something.
I also explored downtown Disney (which is open to the public - no ticket required) it's essentially an outdoor mall. There's a huge Disney store which I might revisit before I go home on Monday.
Tinkerbell Half 023
I went to Sephora as I needed nail polish remover and nail polish. I didn't have time to do my toes before I left. I figure I'll be in flip flops at some point.

I went back to my room to drop off my race stuff and then never left. I had an odd food day. Eggo waffles for breakfast at home, got trail mix and a coffee crisp bar as a snack at the airport. I was landing at noon (1pm my time) and no idea how long it would take to get to Disneyland. At the race expo i also tried some danone greek yogurt. I wasn't hungry for dinner so finished off my trail mix. My feet hurt and I was tired and I was asleep by 8pm.

Coming up next day 2.....

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