Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to basic...again

My head is in the zone to get back to basics. I abandoned tracking on Tuesday of last week as my head was full of race thinking. Today I re-introduced myself to my tracker and tracked all of today.

I did walk to the mall and back as I needed a few groceries and this way I don't need to pick up as much on Friday. I'm still a wee sore and didn't walk as fast as I normally would but it was good to get moving. Tomorrow I plan to hit the treadmill at camp. I'm planning an interval workout for no less then 30min.

Today I downloaded two Jeff Galloway books. He's the run coach that Disney promotes. I've heard good things so I thought I'd check it out. I got his introduction to running and half marathon training book. The training plan I used pre Tinkerbell never had you do the full 13.1 miles/ 21 km and I think that might not have the right move for me. I also switched my Garmin back to metric.

It's funny, when I did the HSBC Half Marathon in 2007 and finished with an almost identical chip time I felt awful and at that moment pretty much decided long distance races where not my thing.

Come back to today and having done the Tinkerbell Half Marathon I'm not gutted. In fact I'm inspired to improve and do another one. The scenarios are almost identical in 2007 half hearted training due to pure laziness. This year half hearted training trying to factor in camp life and winter and procrastination. Maybe it's the Disney run itself and how well organized it was or something has switched in my brain. For the first 6 miles I did feel strong and the running parts didn't suck - which was a first.

I put together a new workout plan for myself which goes like this:
Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Pilates
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Rest (fly home day)
Friday - Run
Saturday - Zumba and Iron Reps at the gym
Sunday - Run

Like I've said before weight loss is now the primary goal and building a strong foundation before I attempt another race. When I say building a strong foundation that's working on running like proper form and building stamina. I also want to focus on flexibility and the muscles. Back to basics also means tracking, drinking water and eating as clean as possible.

Today I ordered the medal plaque for the Tinkerbell race and they actually had an action shot of me. This is incredibly rare for me as I tend to avoid photos and I've never positioned myself on purpose to be captured during any race. I have never purchased the plaque before. Mind you Disney puts out bling that deserves a plaque not the like the Honolulu Marathon that gave you essentially a key chain and a 99c shell necklace.

I realized I also wanted a before shot.

I even got my time inscribed on the thing, because I want to know where I started. I would be hard pressed to find a before photo of me at 204lbs but with 40lbs to go to goal there will definitely be an after photo. I even ordered a copy of the final photo that was taken smack after the race on my way to getting a banana. Smiling and sassy I must say. This is to remind me that I am stronger then I give myself credit for.

Something has definitely switched and now I need to keep it switched.



louiserun said...

I have several jeff galloway books and thoroughly enjoyed them. You can follow his program and it works. I have run a number of half marathons, full marathon and 10 k races over a period of 12 years. I stopped running a few years because of some aches and getting a new puppy who was too young to run. I have replaced running with other cardio exercises. There is nothing like running.

christina said...

I agree on wanting to do closer to 13 miles during training... I go up to 12 because I wanted to save that last mile for the day. Granted before my full I only went to 20 because I physically couldnt do more than that.

Also love that you got your time stamped on the plaque... its important to remember in a journey where we came from!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

I love your attitude. I need to get more regimented. Do you think it is possible for a non-runner to train for 11months and be ready for a half marathon...?