Monday, November 07, 2011

I miss this

You know how I was saying the other day how sometimes it's really easy to stick to your points and sometimes it's hard. Last night was crazy. Nothing would satisfy me so after I surveyed the damage and tracked it (using a healthy dose of weekly points) I tried to figure out what triggered it. I was really hungry after the gym yesterday and had to grocery shop so I went to MacDonald's and had a cheeseburger and fries, now I had the points for it. I had no plan for dinner and thinking about that MacDonald's meal made me think I should go lighter well that kicked off a snackapalooza. Maybe it was the salt of MacDonald's or not having a plan later. Now my plan is to be better sorted next week and do grocery shopping on Friday so the fact that the gym opens at 11am on Sunday I could eat beforehand which I didn't do this week.

I then realized my snackapalooza was probably TOM related as today felt very similar...oy vey. It's like my rational self went out the window food wise.

Well today is not as bad but still not fantastic however I did earn 11 activity points today and 8 the day before.

I can't remember the last time I went to an Iron Reps class at the gym. I've been to the Monday one once before during the summer and remember the instructor saying it would be busy in the fall. I made sure to be there early.

Holy there must have been 60 people in the room, when I go on a Friday or Saturday at lunch time it's no where near as busy. It's at 9:30am, so I'm guessing a lot of stay at home moms, retired folk and maybe shift workers or people who have negotiated work hours to allow the class?

It was a good class, Iron Reps is a weight training class that focuses on one body part per 5min song. So there's a back track, chest track, triceps track, bicep track, shoulder track, squat track, lunges track and ab track. I played it safe as I haven't gone for a long time and stuck to moderate weights. I still worked it to fatigue so it wasn't easy. I enjoy all the tracks with the exception of the lunges. This part confuses the heck out of me. Lunge forward, centre and back. I'm not so coordinated with the lunges so it's a challenge.

I stayed for the yoga class right after. Now I'm a little leery of fitness instructors who lead yoga classes because I wonder how much they actually know about the philosophy behind the poses. This class was taught by a bonafide yoga instructor who also teaches at a studio downtown. She was great.

I loved this, It's been ages since I kept a regular yoga practice, which is awful because when I do it regularly I truly feel the benefits then life gets in the way. I need to change that and get back into it.

This class felt really good. We did an alternate breathing exercise at the beginning where you breath in the right nostril then out the left then in the left and out the right. Interesting as I found exhaling both nostrils were even on the intake breath my left was stronger then my right. It was a really good centering exercise. She recommended doing it when you feel overwhelmed or a bit stressed out as it helps you focus.

What I realized during this class is that I miss going to an actual yoga class with a real live instructor. Since I started flying in and out to work I couldn't do the one in my local community hall anymore. The gym does offer another class on Friday but it's taught by one of the group fitness instructors and it's right before Iron Reps, I think it's better to do yoga after Iron Reps. I have tried this class before and felt the dvds I have at home were better.

I think I should find a class to do on the weekends ideally Friday or Saturday due to bus schedules. Perhaps I'll check out some classes and find a studio I gel with. Plus I do have a yoga mat in my camp room and at home. I need to break out the Namaste yoga dvds again, maybe look into Kate Potter's retreats. I've been once before and really liked it.

So it's an early night for me as I head back to work tomorrow. I was happy to see the gym is open on Friday there will be no classes but it's a run day so that's alright.

I hope you all enjoyed your Monday.



Fatoutofskinny said...

I really like yoga. A few years ago I started doing it at home, but had to stop when I got shoulder problems, then had reconstruction surgery. It's only been from the summer on, of this year, that my shoulder is totally 100% back to maybe I need to go back to it now!

carla said...

Im struggling to create a regular yoga practice here, too.


Fatoutofskinny said...

You have an award waiting for you on my blog. See post labeled "My Very First Time"