Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well tried to do 5 miles

Today began with a giant cup of coffee and some Multigrain cheerios.

This has got to be one my favourite mugs, I actually have two and should probably bring the other one to work with me. It's the linguist in me that adores this mug.

The mission today was to head to the gym and put in 5 miles on the treadmill, now the walk to the gym and back is about 3km/ 2miles as well. I tried a few running intervals but wasn't feeling it so stuck to 4.0 walking. I have discovered walking to the gym in snow boots is tiring, not as fun as my runners.

I also tried out the new Garmin 405CX, it arrived on Friday and after 5pm delivered by a guy in a Budget truck. Alas Christmas is here as Canada Post is branching out their delivery.

I learned one thing  the first mile in. The pace display was doing some strange things and then I realized the satellite was battling the foot pod as the distance was not lining up with the treadmill. So the satellite thought I was standing still and of course the foot pod knew otherwise.  I turned off the GPS and all was well but it was still about 1.5 miles off of the treadmill.

I also switched the strap of the Garmin to the Velcro version as opposed to the one it came installed with. Nice that they give you the option. I felt it was more comfortable.

I also put my Body Media back on today. I've had it off for the past week and a bit but now that I'm back on the wagon it goes back on as well. The newest download also links to the Garmin heart rate monitor so that's kind of awesome.

The problem with my cheap gym's treadmills is they allow you to workout for one hour and then it automatically launches into cool down. The treadmills in the camp gyms don't do that nor did they when I had a membership to the corporate gym downtown. So I got as far as 4.3 miles and but then figured with the walk there and back I made my mileage. Next time I know to maybe break it in half if I'm doing over 4 miles so I can reset the treadmill to keep going.

I then had to swing by Canada post to pick up my Chapters order which was an additional charger for my Kobo Vox so I can keep one at work. One of the drawbacks of the new Kobo is you can't charge it through your computer. Oh well I still like it.

I then had to quickly pop into Walmart and found these:

Yes, it's Blue Diamond Bold. Could it be that they are finally available in Canada. Note the English/ French, that means it's meant for Canada. I do hope Wasabi/ Soy is coming. This was the only flavour I saw.

It seems with the dessert gum Canada only got 3 flavours at least we got Orange Crush and Apple Pie which are in my opinion the best ones.

Then it was home to sweeping a wee bit of snow of my sidewalk as it wasn't enough to bring out the snow removal people, took out my garbage, did the laundry and washed dishes.

So now in wind down mode as the alarm will be going off at 3:45am as I fly to work tomorrow.

I'm bringing the advent calendar. Now I'm just waiting for Sears to ship that Keurig coffee maker which should be next weekend.

Alright that's all I got, hope you enjoyed your Sunday.


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