Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking bad behaviour can be hard

Hello my friends,

I have spent the entire day in pajamas as it just felt like that kind of day. This last week was a little crazy due to late meetings so today I focused on regaining energy as I was tired when I got home last night.

It snowed all day at site yesterday and I realized I should have worn the entire winter jacket just not the inside fleece part and it's time to wear snow boots. I think about 4cm fell and it was windy so it kept blowing in your face of course I had no hood or toque either.

This is what it looked like as we were waiting to fly out.

Brrr.....and a whack of fingerprints on the window.

It was super pretty once we got above the low level clouds. The sunsets and sunrises up north are gorgeous.

I love landing in Calgary at night, the lights of the city go on forever. Yes that line down the middle is traffic for some reason there was a lot it last night which is a bit odd considering it was almost 7pm. 

So WW wise I abandoned tracking half way through Wednesday. Hey, at least I tracked for 4 days that's a bit of a record lately. I did toss the remaining Halloween candy when I got to work on Tuesday but I also didn't factor in that Tuesday would be a long day. Up at 3:45am and finishing the day at 7pm. This happens I just need to be better prepared for it.  The snackfest behaviour continued with no rhyme or reason. 

Yesterday I was chatting with one of site friends and a very common topic lately is that people feel like they need to get more focused on healthy, funny as I've been reading that a lot on the blogs lately, and of course writing about it myself. I was saying it's like me need some sort of health challenge. Our EHS group did one a while back and one girl did exceptionally well and looks absolutely phenomenal. She started talking about Weight Watchers, which I thought was ironic, and then I told her that was my plan of choice; and I had thought that when I get to goal I'd like to lead a meeting at site kind of like a WW at Work. I asked her if she thought people would actually be interested in that up there. She said yes and also for a lot of men. Keep in mind women are greatly outnumbered up there. Now I have a lot of work to do to get to goal and I'm not even sure that would be allowed but...hmm..maybe I discovered another layer of motivation there. 

Tomorrow is weigh in and this week the goal is to track everyday.

I hope everyone had a great Friday. 


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