Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well thank you

A big thank you to Julie for nominating me for this. I have to admit this is the second time I've received this and I'm still incredibly honored.

Now I need to tell you 7 things about myself and nominate 15 people.

Let's start with the 7 things:

1. I can't eat anything with bones, yet I'm a meat eater. It's got something to do when my Dad had chickens and I named them all.

2. I hate my laugh yet everyone else seems to like it. When people tell me they like it I think they're crazy. I'm recognized by my laugh which makes me think I'm Elmo.

3. I'm a pretty good baker which of course is awful as baking is not exactly helpful for weight loss

4. My friends think I should be app. I think it's for my straight shooting positive focused advice. Like when they worry I calm them down. Maybe I'm a people whisperer

5. I'm a total science fiction geek.

6. I work in HR yet I'm a completely logical thinker. Career testing told me I should be an engineer. In a past job they did personality testing on us to see if it could be used as predictive testing for future hires. There was on part where it showed a scale with emotional on one end and logical on the other. When I looked at it I thought I had no dot on the line then I realized it was smack on top of logical.

7. I'm an introvert. Now if you met me in person you might not think so. However when I'm in situation where I don't know people I'm a total introvert however around people I know or super comfortable I'm outgoing. Did I mention I'm a gemini.

Now for the nominations - now I'm pretty positive quite a few of these lovely people have received this award before but oh well it's good to share the love and in no particular order I present:
1. Enz
2. Losing weight after 45 is a bitch
3. Slender Swan to be
4. Running my mouth
5. It's not a diet
6. Weight Watchers Blog
7. H-Woman
8. Angie All The Way
9. Mousaroo
10. Future Fit Girl
11. Live, Smile, Run
12. Monica Wants It
13. Fat Girl vs World
14. Embracing Balance

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading their blogs as much as I do.


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