Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally heading in the right direction

I'm currently waiting for my WW meeting to start so why not blog.

Let's see Thursday I worked in the city and ate out for most of the day. Lunch was at Cora's and dinner at Lounge Burger. Luckily M and I like the same stuff so at dinner we split a burger. I was not a great on plan day.

Friday was the first cold cold day roughly -20c with windchill. I never went outside. I cleaned off the pvr but also listened to my body carefully and only ate when hungry. Due to the higher amount if food the day before I wasn't hungry till mid afternoon. I did stay hydrated all day.

I went back to following my night before WW habits and had food and beverage cut off by 6pm.

Weighed in today and down 2.2. The leader was singing my praises and I stopped her. I told her yes it's a good week but I have damage to undue.

She then asked me if it was my head that got in the way and I said definitely. I have to admit I was a little freaked out by the scrutiny. I'm used to weighing in and then sitting down with very minimal chit chat with the weigh in person. However it was kind if nice for her to address me by name and tell me to remember I'm worth it and deserve it.

Meeting is starting be back later....

Ok I'm back. In the meeting we had a big discussion about Starbucks and their holiday drinks. Grande egg Nog latte is 11 points. She said something that will stick with me when tempted by Christmas treats. Ask yourself is it worth it? Is it worth the points, is it a risk and will it help you get to goal?

So now it's a new WW week and dang it I want to see another loss.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday


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