Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday...

I honestly didn't really become aware of "Black Friday" until last year when I saw the line up at the Apple store on the news. In my defense it's historically been more of an American thing as of course it follows their Thanksgiving. The Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, hardly the time to kick off Christmas shopping.

Well this year I purposely got  up early on my day off so I could go online, no way on earth was I going to line up at the mall. You see the only "Black Friday" sale I was interested in was the one at Apple. The primary reason Apple products never go on sale. Yes, you can buy Apple products at other places on sale on Black Friday but the deal was slightly better at Apple online by a buck. Hey a buck is a buck.

So after much internal deliberation I bought two things on my goal list on the left. My reasoning - they were on I bought:

With the engraving of "Conceive - Believe - Achieve" on the back and the second thing I bought with much deliberations is:

This will have Hardwork - Dedication engraved on the back. I realize Hardwork is not one word but I like how it looked better. It's Merry Christmas to me and I need to earn these now by achieving those goals on the left. You'll recognize that statement from Dolvett on the Biggest Loser but it does serve as an awfully good mantra. (I got the black Ipad and the green cover).

I sat staring at the shopping cart for about 15 minutes thinking "should I or shouldn't I" the ultimate deciding factor it's on sale and you get the engraving only on the Apple site (I think).

I did get an email from Zinio about sales on online versions of magazines so I did get a few deals there.

I was going to go to Walmart after the dentist today but now I'm wondering if that's wise as I did sort of forget about Black Friday when I created that plan.

Now I have to get sorted to go to the dentist. Will very likely be back later.


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The Swan said...

I don't do the big black friday stuff but I did hit the smaller stuff at Walgreens. :) Congrats on your new purchases!