Thursday, November 24, 2011

A little random

For two weeks in a row I've flown to work for 3 days then come home and worked in the corporate office. It messes me up.

Mondays I'm always exhausted as I can never sleep well the night before I fly out. This Sunday night maybe an hours worth of sleep tops. So I'm in bed early to compensate.  I seriously think I need to implement the Advil pm plan. I've tried melatonin, meditation and two alarm clocks (perhaps there's subconscious fear of missing the plane) but nothing else works.

Tuesdays are late meeting day and by the time I get back to camp it's gym rush hour. I really need to make more of an effort to make this a yoga night or something zen.

Wednesday I'm on a flight home that gets me home an hour later then my regular Thursday flight. This week that flight was delayed by half an hour so I didn't get home till 8. Now Wednesday is an excellent workout day if I was in camp.

Thursday I'm now coming home in rush hour and darkness. I'm zonked so the plan is early to bed.

Next week I don't need to work in Calgary but for two weeks after that I do need to be in Calgary on Thursdays.

Tomorrow I go to the dentist, I've been lax on that front but hey I have a dental plan so might as well use it. I hate the dentist or more accurately am scared of the dentist.

Today was meetingpalooza, which is the whole reason I was working in Calgary today. I did run a few errands after work as I needed to get to Aveda and Kiehl's.

I really need a new Christmas tree as my current one has branches barely hanging on and lights are out smack in the middle of the tree. My dentist is next to Walmart so I will finally grocery shop on a Friday. Tada, which leaves enough time to prep and cook.

This Sunday is the first advent so it's my tradition to set up all the Christmas decorations which also means that either Friday or Saturday needs to be housecleaning day so everything is sorted. I'm taking two weeks off at Christmas so there'll be one week at Dad's and one week home.

Right now I'm catching up on Biggest Loser and then I think it's to bed.

I wanted to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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