Saturday, November 26, 2011


I slept right through WI, dang it. I was plagued with a chinook headache for most of the day yesterday so took some Advil and went to bed early failing to turn on the alarm for my Saturday morning WW meeting. I even missed the second one. I guess I needed the sleep as I have felt pretty ragged lately. I even had a nap yesterday as well.

The dentist visit went fine and my dentist was very proud of me and my gums (which is a huge kudos from her). She's Polish and says whatever pops into her head. I adore her.  One issue a broken tooth at the very back and on the back of the tooth that I didn't even notice. I do remember thinking something felt a little funny at one point when I was flossing but really it doesn't feel super noticeable. I'll need a crown there but I can put that off till the new year. I knew it was a good idea to up my coverage on major restorations for next year's benefits.

I got measured for a new splint and that's the part I despise the most as they take casts of your teeth. I was a wee freaked when the tech couldn't get the bottom mold out as the cast stuff was pretty stuck to my teeth.  I go back on Friday to pick up the new splint. They also measured my bite with this gel stuff that I've never seen before. That felt icky too. Heck I can handle the freezing needles better then all that gummy stuff in my mouth.

I did brave Walmart afterwards and it wasn't busy at all so that was a blessing.

Today I hit the gym for 3.5 miles and then I picked up the Keurig which finally arrived. I'll take the Keurig to work and I'm impressed with how light it is. Of course it has to come with a short chord so I'll be packing an extension cord as well.

I think I'm more accustomed to the new Garmin. Today I remembered to turn the food pod off for my walk to the gym (the foot pod was on the runners in my bag) so I used satellite. Then when I got to the gym turned the satellite off and the foot pod on. I do love how it automatically loads all the details to my computer. I'm a data geek.

Apparently my go to walking speed is 3.7 mph according to the satellite details.

On the treadmill it was:
49.38 min, 3.5 miles, Avg pace 14.12, 277 calories burned, avg HR 149

On the walk to the gym:
16:33min, 1.01 miles, avg pace 16:20, 75 calories burned, avg HR 127

Took the bus home as I was lugging a coffee maker and I'm tired. I always have to remind myself I'm training in miles vs kilometers. 3.5 isn't shabby. I was hoping to clean today but that might get pushed to tomorrow. Right now my thinking is to make tomorrow just a pure home day. I got some spaghetti squash and I want to make that so I can bring leftovers for lunch on Monday. Do the house cleaning and set up the Christmas decorations. I'm debating on putting up my tree now we'll see what the energy is like.

Sort of impressed with Apple, I got a shipping notification already for the Ipod. It seems like they ship everything separate. The Ipad has the same shipping window but it's in the process of being engraved. I'm getting those shipped to someone at work in the Calgary office. The mail department will sign for the package and bring it to her and then I'll pick it up from her.

I bought a new yoga mat that I'm planning to test out today. It's the first one I've every bought from Lululemon and it's the Align Mat. I like the fact that it has lines on the mat itself so you can check your aligned. My other mats (as I have one in camp room) are all Gaiam. My old mat that's at home may start coming to Iron Reps as padding on the bench. I didn't go to Iron Reps today just stuck to the treadmill as my running schedule has been off the rails I wanted to make sure to run today.

Alright that's my Saturday, I do hope yours is fantastic.


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