Saturday, November 12, 2011

This stops now

I went to weigh in today knowing I'd probably see a gain. My behaviour last week was hardly going to get me a loss. Let's see I didn't need to have pie on Wednesday, I never measured the walnuts I was snacking on throughout the day and the dark chocolate Lindt Lindors that I brought up with the intention of having one per day as a treat. I blew through the bag in 4 days.

I saw a .8 gain today which puts me at 179.2. I am thoroughly disappointed in myself. I know better and I can do better and it's about time I start walking the walk and just not talking the talk. I totally meant every word of finding new focus but the bad habits I redeveloped over the last few weeks just steam rolled right through that.

I watched Biggest Loser when I got home on Thursday and there was a point in the show when the doctor showed up with a brain specialist and talked about the effects of unhealthy behaviour on your brain. For example the increase in dopamine (pleasure) in the brain when an obese person smells/ senses food yet when they eat it decreases so they keep eating to try to to get it back.

The part that hit home for me was you can rewire your brain in a matter of weeks or months with healthy behaviour but falling back into bad food behaviours can get you back to the before in a matter of days.

So this week I need to go back to basics. I do bring chocolate up for the boys and normally it's Hershey kisses with almonds. I like those and when I'm stressed it's so easy to grab them so from now on I'm bringing the plain Hershey kisses which I don't care for and can resist. Some of you are probably thinking why bring it at all but it's my thing to make people feel comfortable.

Tracking needs to be daily. I'm going to up my rewards a little. If I track every day and stick to my daily points, and see a loss at the end of this week I'll get a manicure and pedicure.

I need to shake myself up and I tell you seeing 179 brought me smack back to reality. Sometimes we need that slap in the face.

So now it's focus on the positive and the can do sort of like how a team loses one day but plays again the next day. They can't play like they're going to lose and neither can I. I've got to turn it around that includes thinking positive messages.

I did notice in the weeks "weekly" a blurb that says "next month in your meeting, you'll learn about some changes in the Points Plus plan"...hmm I'm intrigued.

I can do this, we can do this so let's just do it.


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