Monday, July 18, 2011

Iron Reps - Monday version

Today felt more like the first day of my vacation as my alarm didn't go off at 4am. I did get up a little early as I didn't get mopping the floors down yesterday and I wanted it out of the way.

Then it was off to the gym. I have a bit of a mission this week and that's to try out a whack of Iron Reps classes at my gym. It's a full body weight class. You work on a body part per song using free weights. I'm trying to voice record a version I can use with my friend K at site. I've decided this is the way I like weight training - one class whole body. Now I just need to be able to do it a few times a week even when I'm at site.

I tried it on Saturday but the instructor was new and messed up a lot. So I went to this mornings class.

It started at 9:30 and I got there a little early so I walked on the treadmill. My original plan was to run/walk but I had 20min before the class started. At 9 I see all these people setting up there stuff. Later I discover this is apparently a very busy time slot in a suburban gym. There were people zipping in really close to the start and the instructor even mentioned come September you won't get a spot in the class if you're not there early.

It went well. I upped my weights a bit on the warm up, back track, squats, lunges. I did walk there and back plus 20 min on the treadmill.

It did feel like I was in a room with soccer moms, nothing against soccer moms just a whole lot of conversations about kids. Kim who taught the class today is apparently a veteran but she messed up a few times too. I'm thinking the cleanest version might be the class I do now on Saturdays with the regular instructor.

I'll go again on Wednesday morning for Jivka's class. I've had her for Zumba and sometimes had a hard time understanding her so we'll see how that goes. There's also the option of going to the 5pm class and doing Zumba right after. I've heard good things about the instructor for that class. The nice thing about morning classes is it's a wee cooler. Today it was 31.

There's no classes that really appeal to me tomorrow and I need to get back into run/walk so that's the plan for tomorrow.

Today I also picked up the dog. The neighbours are off on a Disney cruise to Alaska. The dog was completely unfazed and is right back into the swing of staying at my house. This will be longest time together as I've normally watched her for a few days not a whole week and a bit.

She must be within 3 feet of me at any given time. She got super excited about my dinner though she had already eaten hers. She scarfed hers down. I had a grilled pork cutlet with some sauteed onions and steamed green beans. She gave me the pitiful look. I gave her a green bean thinking she wouldn't eat it. I was mistaken.

We had a very quick around the block walk in the afternoon as it was super warm for her and me. I'll take her for a longer one in the morning tomorrow. Maybe I will try the afternoon classes and focus on some yard work and dog walking in the morning. We'll see how the day and threat of thundershowers go.

I discovered my newest love at the grocery store recently

The mini version ice creams! I think they're new to Canada. Yes this little baby still clocks in at about 7 propoints but what I like about Haagen Daz is it has ingredients I can pronounce. This flavour - Chocolate Peanut Butter is to die for.

Normally if I happen to have Haagen Daz or Ben and Jerry's in the house (which is rare but if it's on sale)  I eat it out of the container and "eye" the serving size. As you can probably guess that never works out. These mini sizes keep my portion control with ice cream in check. There is also a Skinny Cow, Real Dairy and Nestle Sundae. I have a selection in the freezer. NI is on every container too.

I'm going to tune in for The Bachelorette home visits and that's probably the best part of the whole show. So far Ashley just annoys me and I haven't watched it in a while. Then it's a new episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition #EMWLE. I'll be on get glue for that one.

Hope you had a groovy Monday.



Enz said...

What a great work out plan for your vacation! Can't wait to hear how it all works out.

Falafel balls: There's two kinds I get, one is the President's Choice brand and the other is Veggie Patch from Costco. I like the taste of the Costco ones better and price wise, they are a better deal, but in a pinch, I'll use the PC ones.

Sarah said...

There also portion controlled that is why I like about them. They are delicious. Especially the peanut butter and chocolate one.