Friday, July 29, 2011

A day in the life in camp

Hello my friends,
So my photo food journaling lasted till lunch as I wound up going out for dinner when I got off the plane. That’s not unusual as I tend to not have a lot of groceries when I get home but I got distracted by good friends and conversations.
I thought I’d also give you a little insight into my life at camp.
The next few pics are my camp room and you can see I’m totally spoiled note the fridge, microwave, coffee maker and flat screen.
This is the view when you walk in the door. Pretty nice huh. These are what we call permanent rooms as I’m permanently based at site.
My old room was a little closer to everything as the perm rooms have recently been built, now I have a bit of a walk to the kitchen. This is hallway one.
This is hallway 2
And then hallway 3
There is one more hallway that I didn’t take a photo of as there were people in it and out of respect they’re at work and don’t need to be featured on this blog. All in all it takes about 7min in total and when the winter can get to –45C you very much appreciated that everything is indoors as this links me to the kitchen, the gym and the theater (yes we have a theater so you see I’m totally spoiled. Every once in awhile I have a burning desire to do a cartwheel as they’re pretty big hallways but since I haven’t done since I was 14 I always decide against it.
Apologies for the angle but this was breakfast yesterday that’s one poached egg, multi-grain toast, milk and strawberry yogurt. I’ve been having this rather recently as I typically go for the hot cereal of the day. It changes daily. As it’s a cafeteria you do have to eyeball everything portion wise. One day when I was home I measured out half a cup of yogurt and counted the teaspoons as I ate it. So I didn’t eat all of the yogurt I stopped when I hit half a cup.
When I get to my desk I have cup of coffee with flavoured creamer that I bring from home as I can’t drink coffee black and flavoured creamer doesn’t need any added sugar so I save a few points. I’m normally a cream and sugar kind of girl.
After breakfast I eat breakfast in the cafeteria I go to the attached pack lunch kitchen and assemble my lunch.
This is what I grabbed yesterday. It’s some raw broccoli and cauliflower, grapes, spicy pickles and a banana. You might think this was an odd lunch but it was just components.
This was the final lunch, I steamed the broccoli and cauliflower in ziplock steamer bags (I love these). I had brought up frozen turkey meatloaf muffins previously. Normally I’d have two and I package them in twos but I had one single so I had it. The spicy pickles and some hot mustard round up the plate.
The pack lunch kitchen has a variety of premade sandwiches and some pre-portioned heat up meals. I did briefly consider the chili but my home made meatloaf can’t live in the freezer forever. We have multiple kitchens in the office complex so you can keep things there. I’ve brought up spicy mustard (I’m a mustard snob), light mayo, fig/balsamic dressing as staples to keep so I’ll often get the ingredients for a chef salad (hard boiled egg and salad fixins) or I’ll make a peanut butter banana sandwich or grab the premade peanut butter/ jam sandwiches. I do like to build my own sandwiches by just so I can track exactly what’s on it.
The grapes were my morning snack and I kept the banana for the afternoon but it wound up coming home with me.
Remember how I told you I keep chocolates on my desk well I was out and a very kind higher up guy brought me supplies as he didn’t think it was fair that I was supplying that on my own. Well my afternoon snack wound up being some Hershey kisses.
After I landed I made my way to Craft Beermarket for dinner with C and M. I had their house soup that was a cheesy spicy concoction with a side salad. We all split their dessert which was not the beer infused cupcake I’ve been wanting to try but rather two cookies with Fruitesse (a fruit beer) infused icing. It was o.k. They don’t carry the cupcake anymore.
Today I had intended to go to zumba and iron reps but I had an afternoon nap that went way longer then I thought it would so I’ll catch those classes tomorrow. I did go grocery shopping this morning and walked both ways.
So mega long post today hope you like it. I hope you all had a great Friday.

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Enz said...

Its so nice to learn more about your typical day. I've often wondered what it must be like for you to "live away" so much.