Friday, July 08, 2011

A parade, a soccer game, kind of close to royalty and I finally have tv

Yesterday afternoon my coworker/friend K convinced me to go to the Stampede Parade today. I'm a native Calgarian - I've seen the parade multiple times, gone twice and generally avoid it after a few years of having to negotiate with crazy lawnchair people when you're just trying to cross the street and get to work.

I told her this had to be a military operation. So last night we went to Walmart and picked up lawn chairs and a few snacks. The reason I called it a military operations is also due to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

This morning I was up at the same time I am on Mondays to go to work - 4am. We were at the parade route by 6am after picking up breakfast from MacDonalds. We actually got pretty good spots when we got there.  This is K, armed with a coffee and good spirits at 6am.

Our spot, smack on 10th Street and 9th ave. The parade would actually be coming at from full front.
This is how close the traffic was until they shut down the streets.

The crazy lawnchair people, 2 seconds before this shot this street was empty. They closed the street to traffic and all these people ran into the middle of the road practially impaling each other with lawn chairs. I wish I had video taped it.

Self portrait as we waited for Will and Kate to travel the route in reverse 9th ave to 6th as opposed to 6th ave to 9th ave.

Not Will and Kate but one of their security detail. The were in an identical vehicle right behind this one but there 3 identical cars plus a black SUV so you couldn't tell which one they were in until it was too late. They were moving quick, probably due to security but a bit of a let down.

Then it was a long wait until the parade started.

The Calgary Stampede Show Band that kicks off every parade.

Pretty freaky to see a tank coming straight for you. They did stop and do a spin and then spun the gun turret. A bit portion of the crowd watching (including my self) gave them a standing ovation. We appreciate our Canadian Troups.

Lots and lots of horses, this was the Stampede Royal Court i.e. Queen and Princesses.

Even the street cleaners get dressed up for Stampede

We didn't stay for the entire thing as I had to hustle to my hair appointment and had to tackle the crazy lawn chair people to get to there. I did get to Aveda early so they told me to come back closer to the appointment time. I took that opportunity to find a couple western shirts. Yes, I'm a native Calgarian but my western wear is lacking. I picked up two shirts and two bandanas which I'll show you on another day.

Then I spent 90min getting a trim, students need their time. I then had to whip home as I was getting picked up to go to a bar in the NE to watch the Chile/Uruguay soccer game. Unique experience me and two other non Latin people. I did have some really good cheese empanadas and a special drink from Chile called "funjob" half beer/ half orange pop. I had something similar in Germany but it was beer/coke.

It was pretty wild the Chilean fans take their soccer very seriously. I was so tired from being up at 4am that I left right before the game ended.

Came home and called Telus, was on hold for 20min but got a lovely CSR person. I talked them into giving the activiation code as opposed to sending out yet another tech which would be next Friday. The weird part it worked until I tried to pvr something. The pvr wouldn't work so I unplugged the box and restarted. It asked me for the activation code again so I entered it and it didn't work. On a fluke I entered the original one and shazaam it worked.

I'm embracing weigh in tomorrow even thought there will be a gain but I need to go face that. I also picked up a sports nutrition book today so it's game on.

Whatever is on that scale tomorrow is just data.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday and apologies for the mega long post.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to the Stampede ( I go once every two years) and I promise photos.


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