Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 44 - back on the path

Wow tomorrow will mark half way through my self created 90 day challenge. The first half hasn't been fantastic but I did get more consistent exercise.
Really I'm on to bit of a new challenge with the half marathon in January so maybe I should re-name my challenge. I'll have to give that a think.

I called Telus today to tell my sorry tale and bad news still no tv and good news the dude I talked to is talking to his manager to see what they can do for my inconvenience. The Xbox is looking unlikely but I had that as one of my rewards for weightloss goals anyway so I'll have one eventually. I hope by the time I come back on Thursday I'll have functioning digital tv.

Today's mission was to get to the gym and complete day one of 1:30-1:30 intervals. At first I thought I should mow the lawn but I knew if I did that I'd be tired and talk myself out of the gym.

I did 37min, 4.73km, 326 calories burned, pace 7:14-6:17 and HR 165-184. I do have a habit of checking the time every 30 seconds on the run part. At one point my mind was somewhere else and shazaam I had 10 seconds left in an interval. 30 seconds doesn't seem like much but it can feel like forever.

I also bought a badminton racquet today. There was a sign saying 20% off but when I got to the till the 20% didn't come off. The girl called the manager and apparenlty someone left a sign up they shouldn't have so I still got the deal.

Of course I also walked to the gym and then stopped off at the mall on the way back to pick up a few things and then walked home. I got home just seconds before this monster wind blew in and there was a bit of thunder but it looks like it passed.

I made an executive decision to leave the lawn for this weekend. It's a wee shaggy but it's supposed to be warm all week so I don't want to cut it and then have it dry out by the time I come home.

This weeks exercise plan is a bit mixed up. I'm not sure if I have to sell 50/50 tickets tomorrow as I expect quite a few people took Monday off as the Canada Day holiday fell on a day off for anyone on a 4 day on/ 3 day off schedule.

Tuesday I get to move camp rooms again but this time it's even more exciting because I go to my permanent room. This means I still get my own bathroom but a slightly bigger room with more storage. I'll also have a mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker. Not to mention a comfy leather chair as oppposed to a desk chair I have now.

I think Tuesday's workout will be moving rooms. My new room is pretty far from my old room as it's an entirely different wing. I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor and see how many calories are expended. Tuesday will also be a later day due to meetings. My 2nd run day will probably move to Wednesday. Maybe my badminton buddy would like to practice on Monday.

I also picked up a roll of under wrap that my super soccer star friend told me about. They use it as a headband and in competition it's the only headband they're allowed to wear as it stays put. I saw a glimpse of a woman's FIFA game and saw the girls wearing it. You just tear off a strip and use it like a headband.

I normally wear the stay put headband by goody but I noticed in badminton it slides off. It usually stays put for short run/walks but I do find myself re-adjusting it. A roll of is pretty cheap and there seems to be a lot of it so I'll test it out.

That's it for me today but I do want to wish all my American friends a Happy July 4th.

Hope your Sunday was fabulous!!!


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Have a great week!!! Looking forward to hearing about it.