Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 47 - geeked and dangerous

I am now completely unpacked in my new camp room. It's bigger that's for sure.

Apart from a kind of loud air conditioner it's kind of cool. I did have trouble sleeping last night due to the new sounds and new giant bed.

No idea what I'll put in the mini fridge but healthy snacks and dinner ideas might be an idea. It actually came with a mini ice tray.

The day was super long yesterday. I did hit the treadmill today but did not do as many intervals as I planned.

Yesterday I tried poached eggs for breakfast as opposed to hot cereal and it did keep me full longer. Today I went back to the cereal and I was snack hunting a few hours later.

This week my food behavior has been awful. Is there a full moon? Here I've built a training plan but I'm not eating like an athlete and there is my problem.

Two days in a row I've had a small bag of chips. Today it was BBQ right before I left for camp. I was not my best on the treadmill today and a lot of that was fuel. I felt lethargic.

That needs to end I need to think of the entire package as in working out with my training schedule and following a nutrition plan.

Soon I'll be on staycation and fending for myself food wise. I need to think of myself as an athlete in training.

That's my homework starting tomorrow.

Hope you had a great Tuesday and Wednesday!

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