Friday, July 15, 2011

Whirlwind Week and a bit random

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last weekend, well I can as this week as been busy.
Monday night I sold 50/50 tickets at camp after dinner for the United Way and then played badminton for an hour. I wound up in a doubles game with 3 people who are far superior players and at one moment I was coached by all 3 (slightly annoying) but in the end I held my own. I did manage to get those cupcakes up to site but there was a slight issue getting them out of the overhead compartment as they got tangled up with someone's back pack. I was jokingly accused of holding up the unloading of the plane. There must have been 6 of us with bags of 18 cupcakes and they were completely sold out by 11am. That's 3 hours of sales.

Tuesday was a long night with meetings till 9pm. The mini fridge in my room seems to be communicating with aliens as it makes noises all the time. Next day on the bus into work a co-worker asks me if I read the instructions...that would be no. Apparently I need to turn it on max cooling for a week and then set it to the temperature I want. Not sure if that will fix the noises but my fridge at home doesn't make noises like this.

Wednesday flew home an hour later than my normal Thursday flight and I was exhausted.

Thursday went into work in the morning and then it was off to the corporate Stampede party. It started at noon and I got home a midnight. I walked one of my friends out of the event a the Cowboys tent and then they wouldn't let me back in because it was past 6pm so my armband no longer granted me access. O.k wasn't aware of that rule so I went to the casino next door and texted my friends that they'd find me there. I would up winning $150 so the evening was alright. We went for dinner at 10pm and then I went home.

Today it was lunch with friends I haven't seen in ages.

One thing that's a little irritating during Stampede is that the restaurants offer a paired down menu to handle the volumes of people cycling through their restaurants.

Add into this PMS and the emotional brain completely ruled this week. Workouts non-existent due to my schedule. Could I have done better? Of course.

It was also a bit of an emotional week. I have two friends/ co-workers doing through difficult times and my heart is with them and you do feel a bit helpless that you can't help more.

I did pick up Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook last weekend but haven't had too much opportunity to dig in. That will happen this weekend.

Tomorrow it's off to Wicked, totally looking forward to that.

My Stampede is officially over and I'm looking forward to grocery shopping for the week so I can focus on the healthy.

A priority next week is to hit the gym everyday. At work I do wind up moving a fair bit just around the building and the 3 long corridors from room to the kitchen. At home not so much. Of course I'll be walking the neighbours dog for the next week as well. I want to take this opportunity to take advantage of classes at the gym that I normally can't due to being away for 4 days a week.

You're now up to date and regular blogging will be back on schedule.

Hope you all had a fabulous week!


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Enz said...

I just read your post and now I need a nap!!! I don't know how you handle this pace of life!

Sounds like your head is in the right place though and you are doing well.