Sunday, July 10, 2011

The call of the yard

Gym got sacrificed for yard work today. My gym is only open for partial hours on Sundays which didn't help.
My lawn mower wouldn't start and I'm thinking I might need a new one so I grabbed the push mower to tackle it. That was a workout. I weeded flower beds and tamed a few trees. I'm just finishing off watering the lawn and then it will be on to laundry and dishes.

I did tell my Dad late on the symptoms of the lawn mower so there's one more thing to try but I'll wait till I'm home to see if the lawn mower can be saved.

A little while ago I became the caretaker of 4 dozen Crave cupcakes that are heading to work tomorrow for "Cupcake Monday", it's a fundraising iniative for the United Way. The person who thought it up does not have enough room in her fridge so a few of us are foster homes for cupcakes. I think she had 10 dozen in total. We get one person to carry one bag so we can get them on the plane.

We get to our offices at site by 8am and she'll sell out by just before 11am.

It's a very poplular fundraising intiative.

I've bought one the last two Mondays and then have salad for dinner. Hey it fits in the plan and I'm helping out the United Way in the end.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.


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