Saturday, July 09, 2011

Restart and Yahoo

Quite the day today.

Let me begin with weigh in. Last night I set my alarm to make sure I didn't sleep through all the meetings today.

I woke up before the alarm and had thought of going to the 2nd meeting as I normally get up 2hrs prior to WI. Then I thought screw it and got ready to go the first meeting.

You see I knew there'd be a gain and I was playing mental games with myself. Had I waited I probably would have talked myself out of going.

I did ask for a new WI book today. It wasn't my original plan but felt right when I got there. I kind of wanted to erase the last few weeks, clear my head and focus.

At the meeting one of the regulars told me I was looking good which was nice.

After the meeting I popped into the mall and picked up a few things then went to the gym. I wanted to go to Zumba. I got to the gym early so I hit the treadmill for 20min. After Zumba was Iron Reps. Add in the walk there and back and I earned 15 AP today.

Then later K and I hit the Stampede. 5 hours ish of walking around. There was some not so WW friendly food but Stampede is once a year and I worked out like crazy today. Everything in moderation.

Tomorrow is a run/walk day and I also must mow the lawn and play sprinkler Olympics.

Now feet are up and watching Glee Project. Next up is bed.

Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday.


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