Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cleaning the barn?

Hello my friends,
Yesterday I decided to mow the lawn. Last weekend my lawn mower would not start so my backyard which is pretty big was reaching juggle status. I managed to get it started after using the instructions my Dad gave me and oy I was a sweaty mess when done. I dutifully went to my WW app on my iphone to log it in. What I do find funny is lawn mowing is not listed as an activity yet cleaning the barn is. Don't get me wrong cleaning the barn seems like a handful of an activity but in the whole scheme of the universe are there more people mowing lawns then cleaning barns? In the end I discovered vacuuming and cleaning the barn earned the same activity points so I counted the same for mowing the lawn for an hour.

So far so good with the dog Sally. I'm sure she's finding it awfully quiet with just me and not two kids and two adults running around. She's actually a pretty good workout partner as she does her business at the start of the walk and then just struts and keeps me going a good pace. She like to race around corners for some reason.

I'm also discovered she likes tomatos, lettuce and bananas. Whenever I make a meal she's nailed to my side. I couldn't understand why she was getting excited about my cereal with banana. I gave her a slice out of curiosity and she gobbled it straight up. I of course then raced to my computer to see if that was even safe to give a dog. It's alright but not big amounts. Her fancy dog treats are made with it, hence why I didn't think it was too much of a big deal.

My instructions say to feed her around 4pm. She likes to do this slamming her food bowl thing when she wants something and that doesn't happen at 4. I fed her at 3pm the last few days. I'm a morning person so for all I know I've created a whole new schedule for her.

The other favourite activity is let's race around the living room with a toy and chase me. She doesn't fetch, she'll go get it and then run around the room like your chasing her. She wants you to chase her. Apparenlty her favourite toy is one I gave her. I think my relationship with this dog could be classified as Godmother.

Today I left her alone in my house for the first time when I went to the gym. She did well, as far as I can tell nothing has been destroyed in anger. She was so happy to see me. Tomorrow I head into work for a meeting that I didn't want to miss so only two hours. Technically I'll be gone for closer to 4-5, she can be left for up to 6-7 but I know that's rare in her world.

Right now she's sleeping on the couch next to me and her little paws are twitching. I wonder what she's dreaming about.

I now have 3 versions of Iron Reps recorded. Today's class was aweome. Totally different crowd from Monday, this was younger and fitter. The instructor Gloria must body build as she was built and had the tan and blond hair. I think I'll record Saturday with the regular instructor and then I'll have a clean version to write out or use as a podcast to do the workout at site.

Tonight I upped my weights for back, squats and shoulders. Triceps I'm working on it. I thought I might have gone a little low on biceps but I was wiped by the end so I think I was good.

With the two dog walks and the walk to and from the gym I had 70min of walking plus the 60min of Iron Reps.

Tomorrow it will probably just be dog walking in the morning and afternoon.

The scale is moving in the right direction so just trying to take it day by day.

Hope your last few days went really well.


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Enz said...

I'm pretty sure the app measures all activity the same by time and intensity so if barn cleaning and vaccuuming are the same intensity (or what the app thinks it is!) then they'll both be the same number of points for an hour.