Saturday, July 23, 2011

Want Power

I did manage to set my alarm so I didn't sleep through weigh in.

Took the dog for a walk first and then explained to her that I couldn't bring her to the meeting. Oh man the look she gave me made me feel so guilty. Yes this dog is ruling my life. I'll miss her when she goes home but I can still visit.

Was down 2lbs which was great especially after Stampede. I have 15 coupons and I need to make them count as I got a little derailed over the past couple of weeks. This week I tracked and exercised. Food wasn't perfect by any sense of the imagination but it was tracked.

The meeting wasn't as full as normal but I doubt it will be until September. We talked about summer food i.e. BBQ. I don't run into that too often.

Tony (my leader) told a story about an event he went to with loads of wings, poutine etc. He had a tuna burger and didn't eat the bun plus scraped off the mayo. He had a friend there who is trying to lose weight. He's also known for loving wings. His friends kept offering him all the foods they knew he loved. He told Tony that he must have awesome will power to eat what he was eating. Tony said it's not will it's want. Tony said he wants the lean body he has now vs the wings.

Tony also told us today that his driving energy to lose weight was primarily vanity, to be healthy was of course part of it.

Two things struck me today. One was the want power, my want power has been a little lacking so I need to take a hard look at that. The second thing was the vanity. I think that was pretty brave of Tony as I know that's a motivator for me as well. I'm tired of dressing to camouflage. I want to be cute not frumpy (which is often how I feel). I want to have fun clothes shopping. Of course I also want to be healthy and strong. What I really want at goal is to build a whole new wardrobe and that smacks of vanity. Right now it doesn't matter what gets me there it's about getting there.

I hope you had a great Saturday and on to a new week.


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